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Which of the spring's hottest cars would you buy? (Edited 04/09/06 10:45PM by FanFanFan)
Assuming you could afford any one of these. Check out pics at the link below.

| Closed on 07/09/06 at 05:00PM
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22%a. Aston Martin V-8 Vantage coupe
2%b. Audi Q7 SUV
15%c. BMW M6 coupe
5%d. Cadillac Escalade EXT pickup
4%e. Cadillac XLR-V convertible
7%f. Fisker Coachbuild Tramonto convertible
7%g. Jaguar XK convertible and coupe
7%h. Lexus GS Hybrid sedan
4%i. Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV
7%j. Mercedes-Benz S600 sedan
20%k. None of the above - comment

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#1 | 3035 days ago

I have a family to worry about transporting.
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV  
#2 | 3035 days ago

You didn't say new, so: a 1951 Mercury Lead Sled with a 350 Cubic Inch with a 4 Barrel Carb totally billeted out; done in Candy Apple Red or a VERY sharp candied orange and blue that represents my Illini AND Clemson. I'd have Boyd Cottington Wheels; a nice $7500 AM/FM/CD stereo system with leather interior....gee, should I go on and on and on.....
None of the above - comment  
#3 | 3034 days ago

I mean to click the Escalade EXT pickup. I would never buy a foreign car....
BMW M6 coupe  
#4 | 3034 days ago

(Edited by BJ)
i'd buy my second Harley before I bought any of those!
None of the above - comment  
#5 | 3033 days ago
Kerri (+)

i just want a JEEP! (cherokee would be great lol)
None of the above - comment  
#6 | 3017 days ago
ktnelson11 (+)

Dodge Viper is still my favorite though
Fisker Coachbuild Tramonto convertible  
#7 | 2961 days ago

I want a BMW M3 convertible.
None of the above - comment  
#8 | 2961 days ago

I love my Jeeps and love the new Commander it would need a lift kit though! I also like the Toyota Cruiser FJs! Or a Rouche Mustang!......Love cars!!
None of the above - comment  
#9 | 2950 days ago

I Love my SEXY blue Jeep grand Cherokee but I have been eyeing the new Commander!
None of the above - comment  
#10 | 2950 days ago

Dodge Charger
None of the above - comment  
#11 | 2950 days ago

A Rolls Royce Phantom
None of the above - comment  

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