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Pistons - Celtics Game 5 Live Thread

Now Would Be A Great Time For Ray Allen To Show Up

by CriticalFanatic CriticalFanatic 5/28/084 Comment Comments »
Pistons - Celtics Game 5 Live Thread Photo

You don't need me to look up the historical series winning percentage of the team that wins Game 5 with both teams at 2-2 to understand this game's importance. Whoever wins tonight wins the series.

Who knows what to expect tonight.

What we do know is that Boston's Big Three has failed to display that chemistry that was so evident throughout the regular season. Ray Allen has been wayyy off and as BallerBlogger astutely points out, Kevin Garnett has been taking far too many outside shots which can explain the rebounding edge in a couple of Detroit's wins.

I have little doubt the Pistons show up tonight and play hard and physical. They'll get their bench production and hustle points.

It's all up to Boston and those guys outside of the three superstars. KG, Garnett and Pierce are capable of carrying the team to a win if they all show up, but since that's yet to happen, no sense banking on that tonight.

I'll take the Pistons to steal a big road win. You?

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Eastern Conference Finals - Game 5 - (Series tied 2-2)
Scored by Scott on 05/28/08 at 11:45AM | Closed on 05/28/08 at 08:30PM
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#1 | 2338 days ago

Jesus Shuttlesworth would hang his head in shame
#2 | 2338 days ago
RenegadeLG (+)

(Edited by RenegadeLG)
They don't need Ray Allen.  And I'm curious to see the stats of a game 5 2-2 winner going on to win the series.  I doubt it's astounding, or even above 65%.  Game 4 in a 2-1 sure, but being down 3-2 is nothing. 

Celtics will win tonight, and the series will be over because they're a better team, but the scenario goes the other way all the time.
#3 | 2338 days ago
RenegadeLG (+)

Well Ray Allen is having his best game of the postseason but they still could have handled Detroit without him.  They're terrible.
#4 | 2337 days ago

What's that... 2 games over .500? We're not impressed...
Boston Celtics  
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