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Lakers - Spurs Game 5 Live Thread

It's Time To Take Down The Champs

by 100%InjuryRate 100%InjuryRate 5/29/085 Comment Comments »
Lakers - Spurs Game 5 Live Thread PhotoRegardless of what happened in Game 4, the simple fact remains that LA is up 3-1 and tonight they're at home. As I've said before, I consider this to be a huge game. You're probably saying "Why?"

Well, I don't think San Antonio is going to lose at home again, so if they win tonight, I'm 100% sure this series goes to 7. In addition to that, if the Spurs win tonight, and wind up forcing a Game 7, they'll know they can win in LA, and that's not good.

Although I think LA wins tonight, I don't think it's going to be easy. These Spurs are like the living dead; just when you think they're six-feet under, they rise up again once more and then flop back to the ground for a cheap foul.

So if Phil Jackson is smart, and I know he is, he's telling his guys to pretend this is Game 7. Because in some ways, it almost is. If they don't win tonight, they'll be having the same conversation again real soon.

Anyhow, most people are on the Lakers train with me. Let's see what happens.

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05/29/08 San Antonio Spurs @ Los Angeles Lakers -- who will win?
Final Score: San Antonio Spurs 92, Los Angeles Lakers 100

Read the Article: Lakers - Spurs Game 5 Live Thread

Western Conference Finals - Game 5 - (Lakers lead series 3-1)
Scored by Scott on 05/29/08 at 11:46AM | Closed on 05/29/08 at 09:00PM
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#1 | 2340 days ago

Sorry for the absense, but it will continue. I don't have the net at home until June 7th. Anyways, crappy end to game 4-- but keep the faith alive! Go Spurs. Spurs in 7 if they win tonight.
#2 | 2340 days ago

Spurs double-up so far. Time to prove we are still a strong team, and we won't let a no-call cause us to lose. 33-16 SPURS
#3 | 2340 days ago

Strong finish for LA. Hopefully coach Pop will re-energize the Spurs during halftime. Come on... one more game in San Antonio won't hurt... or will it?
#4 | 2340 days ago
RenegadeLG (+)

lol, I'm an even bigger fan of Vujajic thanks to that unnecessary last second 3.

Cue it up...
Los Angeles Lakers  
#5 | 2340 days ago

Well, that's that. Congrats to the Los Angeles Lakers for stopping the San Antonio Spurs. Didn't end well, but the better focused team won the West. Spurs will be back. Hahaha... maybe. Good luck LA in the Finals. and to the fans, enjoy. Ratings should be up. And to RenegadeLG, you got me finally, and congrats. Thanks for all the PQs even though i was gone for a week and i thought the hate-Chris died down at least some. Oh well. Goodbye Spurs.
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