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NBA Finals Game 3: Celtics vs Lakers Live Thread

Joe Crawford, TV Ratings Won't Let The Lakers Lose

by CriticalFanatic CriticalFanatic 6/10/083 Comment Comments »
NBA Finals Game 3: Celtics vs Lakers Live Thread Photo

If I were a betting man, I would wager everything I own on the Lakers winning this game. Covering the spread (-9.5) seems aggressive, but a win is guaranteed.

For starters, the home crowd should give LA a lift. If that's not good enough, in these NBA Playoffs the home team is always going to get an extra few calls that won't be made on the other end. And if that doesn't work, well we're certain Mr. Stern will make it happen.

Am I saying a fix would be put on? It may be too early in the series for that, but I doubt it stops the powers that be. Tim Donaghy shed a little more light on that situation today with word that horribly officiated Game 6 of the 2002 finals wasn't just an odd coincidence.

I doubt it's any coincidence either, that David Stern's company men are calling tonight's game: Joey Crawford, Bennett Salvatore, and Mark Wunderlich.

It shouldn't come to any of this as Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol HAVE to bring their best game tonight and I believe they will. At the very least, it should be sufficient enough for a Game 3 win.

86% say the Lakers will win. We know who Jack is picking.

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NBA Finals - Game 3 - (Celtics lead series 2-0)
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#1 | 2325 days ago

It took all of 7 minutes for the Lakers to shoot 10 free throws.
Los Angeles Lakers  
#2 | 2325 days ago

I hate Bob Howry.  That is all.
#3 | 2324 days ago

That Donaghy story is extremely damning... and just as disappointing.


I didn't get to see the game because my parents somehow forgot how to tape it, but at least we won.  No clue how well or poorly this game was officiated, but hopefully it was decent.  The fact that Gasol could only pull in 9 points is disappointing and not a good sign at all.  Neither was the fact that we depended on The Machine for 20 points.  We're not going to get that out of him every game.

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