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Cedric Benson DUI POLL!

this poll will ask about Cedric Benson and what people are thinking about him right now.

| Closed on 07/10/08 at 05:00PM
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36 Fans 
 1. First off, Do you think Cedric Has a drinking Problem? (0 points)
42%a. Yes Completely
36%b. No he was recently caught during the offseason. the only time he CAN DRINK
22%c. his business
 2. Should there be action against him for this? (0 points)
42%a. Yes Heavy action
39%b. Yes Slight
19%c. no its his time, his business, stay out of it
0%d. no but he should do some souls searching
 3. Will this affect his career?? (0 points)
81%a. Yes
6%b. No
14%c. Maybe so??