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2008 NBA Mock Draft Prediction Contest

Will Minnesota Timberwolves Opt To Add Mayo To Their Mix?

by CriticalFanatic 6/23/08
2008 NBA Mock Draft Prediction Contest PhotoWho doesn't like kicking a little expert butt? Chad Ford has held his ground quite well in our two years of comparisons between the fans' mock drafts to the "professionals," but it's another year and another chance for one of you to mock the experts in a whole new light. 

Despite the aforementioned notion that Miami could opt for OJ Mayo at No. 2, I think we can still safely assume that Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley will be the first two players selected Thursday at the 2008 NBA Draft.

The No. 3 pick is where predictions are going to start getting a little messy. When Kevin McHale is in charge, anything is possible. He may opt for Mayo, a major talent but still unrefined, or perhaps it's one of the point guards: Russell Westbrook or Jerryd Bayless. If at first you don't succeed at drafting point guards, try, try again.

Or who knows, McHale may go with Kosta Koufos because he thought it was fun to say. We just don't know.

I've had my doubts about Mayo, but with Al Jefferson coming into his own in the post why not stick him with an exciting player that will draw larger crowds, like O.J. He comes with obvious risks, but I'm always a best player available kind of guy. Plus, he's capable of smiling while wearing a Knicks shirt, a skill set not currently found in the NBA.

I'll share my predictions Thursday afternoon, but for now, it's time to get your own mock draft swerve on. We'll be inputting all the experts predictions in the coming days and post the results on the blog Friday morning. Happy Mocking!

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NBA Draft Challenge: Out-Mock the Experts!
Read the Article:

Think you can beat all the experts in predicting the 1st round results on the NBA Draft on Thursday? Place each player on the right into the position you believe he'll be drafted. We'll compare your predictions to each of the major experts final mock drafts this week and see who's the real NBA Draft Expert.

Draft Order
1. Chicago
2. Miami
3. Minnesota
4. Seattle
5. Memphis
6. New York
7. LA Clippers
8. Milwaukee
9. Charlotte
10. New Jersey
11. Indiana
12. Sacramento
13. Portland
14. Golden State
15. Phoenix
16. Philadelphia
17. Toronto
18. Washington
19. Cleveland
20. Denver
21. New Jersey
22. Orlando
23. Utah
24. Seattle
25. Houston
26. San Antonio
27. New Orleans
28. Memphis
29. Detroit
30. Boston
Featured by: CriticalFanatic at 6/23/08 4:32PM
Scored by CriticalFanatic on 06/26/08 at 11:41AM | Closed on 06/26/08 at 07:30PM
FanIQ Pts? 30 | NBA, *Draft | Prediction List
Team Breakout:
RankCorrect Answer59 FansPts 21 ExpertsPts
1.Derrick Rose - PG, MemphisDerrick Rose - PG, Memphis2.9Derrick Rose - PG, Memphis2.9
2.Michael Beasley - SF/PF, Kansas StateMichael Beasley - SF/PF, Kansas State2.8Michael Beasley - SF/PF, Kansas State2.8
3.OJ Mayo - SG, USCOJ Mayo - SG, USC2.7OJ Mayo - SG, USC2.7
4.Russell Westbrook - PG, UCLAJerryd Bayless - SG, Arizona0.5Brook Lopez - C, Stanford0.5
5.Kevin Love - PF, UCLAKevin Love - PF, UCLA1.6Jerryd Bayless - SG, Arizona0.5
6.Danilo Gallinari - SF, ItalyEric Gordon - SG, Indiana1.3Kevin Love - PF, UCLA1.9
7.Eric Gordon - SG, IndianaRussell Westbrook - PG, UCLA0.9Eric Gordon - SG, Indiana1.3
8.Joe Alexander - SF, West VirginiaBrook Lopez - C, Stanford0.9Russell Westbrook - PG, UCLA0.8
9.DJ Augustin - PG, TexasDanilo Gallinari - SF, Italy1.3Danilo Gallinari - SF, Italy1.1
10.Brook Lopez - C, StanfordJoe Alexander - SF, West Virginia1.9Joe Alexander - SF, West Virginia2.1
11.Jerryd Bayless - SG, ArizonaDJ Augustin - PG, Texas0.7DJ Augustin - PG, Texas0.7
12.Jason Thompson - PF, RiderBrandon Rush - SF, Kansas1.3Anthony Randolph - SF, LSU0.5
13.Brandon Rush - SF, KansasAnthony Randolph - SF, LSU0.7Brandon Rush - SF, Kansas1.2
14.Anthony Randolph - SF, LSUKosta Koufos - C, Ohio State0.1DeAndre Jordan - C, Texas A&M0.0
15.Robin Lopez - C, StanfordMario Chalmers - PG, Kansas0.0Darrell Arthur - PF, Kansas0.0
16.Marreese Speights - PF, FloridaDarrell Arthur - PF, Kansas0.1Donte Greene - SF, Syracuse0.0
17.Roy Hibbert - C, GeorgetownDonte Greene - SF, Syracuse0.0Kosta Koufos - C, Ohio State0.2
18.JaVele McGee - C, NevadaRobin Lopez - C, Stanford0.5Marreese Speights - PF, Florida1.1
19.JJ Hickson - PF, NC StateRoy Hibbert - C, Georgetown0.7Robin Lopez - C, Stanford0.8
20.Alexis Ajinca - PF, FranceDeAndre Jordan - C, Texas A&M0.0Roy Hibbert - C, Georgetown0.5
21.Ryan Anderson - PF, CaliforniaAlexis Ajinca - PF, France0.5JaVele McGee - C, Nevada0.6
22.Courtney Lee - SG, Western KentuckyMarreese Speights - PF, Florida0.7Alexis Ajinca - PF, France0.7
23.Kosta Koufos - C, Ohio StateJaVele McGee - C, Nevada0.5Mario Chalmers - PG, Kansas0.0
24.Serge Ibaka - PF, CongoChris Douglas-Roberts - SG, Memphis0.0Jason Thompson - PF, Rider0.2
25.Nicolas Batum - SG, FranceJJ Hickson - PF, NC State0.4Chris Douglas-Roberts - SG, Memphis0.0
26.George Hill - PG, IUPUINicolas Batum - SG, France1.3Nicolas Batum - SG, France1.4
27.Darrell Arthur - PF, KansasJason Thompson - PF, Rider0.0JJ Hickson - PF, NC State0.3
28.Donte Greene - SF, SyracuseCourtney Lee - SG, Western Kentucky1.2Courtney Lee - SG, Western Kentucky1.6
29.DJ White - C, IndianaJoey Dorsey - PF, Memphis0.0Serge Ibaka - PF, Congo1.5
30.Other 1Serge Ibaka - PF, Congo1.6Ryan Anderson - PF, California0.0
Also receiving votes:DJ White - C, Indiana Other 1 
Bill Walker - SF, Kansas State Nathan Jawai - PF, Australia 
Ryan Anderson - PF, California Bill Walker - SF, Kansas State 
Other 1 Kyle Weaver - SG, Washington State 
Goran Dragic - PG, Slovenia Davon Jefferson - SF, USC 
Davon Jefferson - SF, USC DaVon Hardin - PF, California 
DaVon Hardin - PF, California Omer Asik - PF, Turkey 
Nathan Jawai - PF, Australia DJ White - C, Indiana 
Jamont Gordon - SG, Miss State Joey Dorsey - PF, Memphis 
Kyle Weaver - SG, Washington State Trent Plaisted - PF, BYU 
Omer Asik - PF, Turkey Nikola Pekovic - PF, Serbia 
Nikola Pekovic - PF, Serbia Semih Erden - C, Turkey 
Semih Erden - C, Turkey  
Other 2  
George Hill - PG, IUPUI  
Trent Plaisted - PF, BYU  
Sonny Weems - SG, Arkansas  
Other 3  
Gary Forbes - SG, UMass  

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