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Who will have the better career?
| Closed on 06/30/08 at 05:00PM
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33%a. Derrick Rose
67%b. Michael Beasley

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#1 | 2307 days ago

Go Bulls!
Derrick Rose  
#2 | 2306 days ago

I like Rose and his character but Beasley's talent can't be denied.
Michael Beasley  
#3 | 2306 days ago

Beasley will take more of a beating and potentially have a shorter career because of it.  Rose will learn to run the show from out front and barring a leg injury will be able to have a longer career.  The character issue does come into play as well; if Beasley does not tone it down he will become in two or three years the player added in trades to other teams and that doesn't help his career at all---remember the city he is going to guys!!!

Rose, an even tempered and straight arrow guy---no issues will come from him---I'd bet on it.

So, skills being not all THAT far apart given the different positions, you add in the above, I take ROSE.

Derrick Rose  
#4 | 2304 days ago

Probably Rose-- eventually he'll be a force in the NBA, for some reason PGs have a little learning curve when they hit the NBA, but he'll probably have one of the shortest learning curves ever for a rookie PG thanks to the offense they ran at Memphis. 


Beasley will do just fine too, but I just think Beasley will be a pretty good player, where Rose will be a special player 10 years from now.

Derrick Rose  

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