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2 day trip, unlimited money - Where would you go? (Edited 05/12/06 10:25PM by Eric)
If you were offered a trip for two and you could chose anyone you wanted, where would you go?
*does not include travel time*

I will list the continent, you "comment" on where specifically.
| Closed on 06/11/06 at 05:00PM
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5%a. Africa
3%b. Antartica
11%c. Asia
18%d. Australia
39%e. Europe
21%f. North America
3%g. South America

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#1 | 2896 days ago

Probably travel through the vineyards and countryside of France and Italy ....
#2 | 2896 days ago

I'd go camping in Australia.
#3 | 2896 days ago

mexico baby!
North America  
#4 | 2896 days ago

I've been to 48 countries in the world; the only one in Africa that I've been to is Morroco. I'd love to tour Africa, perhaps take an extended mission trip to West or Central Africa with my wife and son using the money to dig wells, build community buildings and sponsoring medical facilities.
#5 | 2896 days ago
Ty (+)

I'm hoping it doesn't include travel time -- I'd love to see the Outback and scuba dive on the Great Barrier reef.
#6 | 2896 days ago

North America  
#7 | 2896 days ago

#8 | 2896 days ago
Kerri (+)

france or italy
#9 | 2895 days ago

Ireland or Scotland
#10 | 2895 days ago

Italy or Ireland
#11 | 2893 days ago

Arabian Peninsula
#12 | 2893 days ago

#13 | 2893 days ago

North America  
#14 | 2891 days ago

Germany for Octoberfest. Alos get the chance to tour the land where my ancestors are from.
#15 | 2891 days ago

India or Napal
#16 | 2890 days ago

Tuscany has been calling my name ever since I saw the movie "Under The Tuscan Sun"
#17 | 2887 days ago

I hate traveling -- I would just keep the money.
North America  
#18 | 2887 days ago

I would but a bunch of ice and do something with it.
#19 | 2883 days ago

Las Vegas! Imagine the fun you could have winning or losing with an unlimited amount of money!
North America  
#20 | 2880 days ago

My girlfriend is stationed there.
#21 | 2866 days ago

Vegas... I would love to go and just be hedonistic for a couple days, and if someone gave me the money to do it, that would be the only way I'm going.
North America  

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