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How do you feel about having the National Guard on the US/Mexican border?
President Bush announced that 6,000 National Guard troops would be going down to the border to help secure things, and build fences to help our current problems.
| Closed on 08/01/06 at 11:45PM
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55%a. It is about time
20%b. Waste of time and money
20%c. It is a Political move, nothing will help
4%d. Other, (please explain)

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#7 | 1835 days ago

Avalanche to sweep up the Leafs
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#1 | 3080 days ago

(Edited by Michael)
For me, it is sort of like the lone forest ranger in the tall tower, all he can do is spot a fire and report it and hope it gets put out. The national guard has no arrest power, in fact they CANNOT arrest anyone even in the face of out and out crime being witnessed. All they have the power to do is contact local law enforcement and tell them "gee, we see some illegals coming across the border." Well, duh! That happens every night and civilian groups tell local cops that every night and nothing gets done - darn near a waste of money in a political move with a bill that has real problems:
The Senate is scheduled to begin debate on an immigration bill Monday. In a Senate floor speech today, The Sessions outlined 15 loopholes in the bill.

Loophole 1: Illegal aliens with felonies or three misdemeanors can get amnesty.

Loophole 2: Illegal aliens who have previously filed fraudulent asylum applications can get amnesty.

Loophole 3: Aliens who have already had their day in court – those who are subject to final orders of removal, voluntary departure orders, are absconders, or are subject to reinstatement of their final orders of removal – are eligible for amnesty

Loophole 4: Illegal aliens who have illegally crossed the border multiple times (felons) are eligible for amnesty.

Loophole 5: Aliens who have persecuted others on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion get amnesty if they have been here for more than 5 years.

Loophole 6: There is no continuous work requirement for amnesty.

Loophole 7: “Just and reasonable inferences” from day labor centers or the alien’s “sworn declaration” must be accepted as evidence that the illegal alien satisfies amnesty work requirements.

Loophole 8: The bill is fundamentally unfair – it benefits only those who broke the law, not those who followed it and got work visas to come to the United states, or those who left when their visas expired.

Loophole 9: No illegal alien is left behind – illegal aliens who have been here for less than two years, and are therefore supposed to “go home,” can apply for the bill’s new H2C guest worker program without ever having to leave the country.

Loophole 10: The annual numerical cap (starts at 325,000 + family per year) contains a built in escalator. If the cap is maxed each year, the cap will be as high as 2,012,314 by year 10 without any serious evaluation of what the proper number should be.

Loophole 11: “Temporary Guest Workers” do not have to be essential to the economy, and nothing about them is temporary; they are permanent and on a quick road to full citizenship.

Loophole 12: The work requirement for the bill’s illegal alien agricultural worker amnesty (AgJOBS) is satisfied in a matter of hours.

Loophole 13: The legal status given in the bill’s illegal alien agricultural worker amnesty (AgJOBS) never expires.

Loophole 14: Free legal counsel, paid for by the U.S. taxpayer, will be available to the illegal alien who wants to apply for the illegal alien agricultural worker amnesty (AgJOBS).

Loophole 15: Reverses current law to allow illegal aliens to qualify for in-state tuition rates
Other, (please explain)  
#2 | 3080 days ago

Those wetbacks will find a way across the border anyway.
Waste of time and money  
#3 | 3080 days ago

I'm just going to take your word for it :)
It is about time  
#4 | 3053 days ago

They are only there part time and aren't as trained to do what the Border Patrol does. Use that money and hire more full time border patrol people.
Waste of time and money  
#5 | 3008 days ago

(Edited by sportsnut27)
I agree they need more border patrol guards. I also think that between the mexican border, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan (soon to be followed by Korea and Iran), our troops are going to be spread so far out that we'll be leaving the door wide open for another attack like 9/11.
It is a Political move, nothing will help  
#6 | 3005 days ago

If they try to sneak across, shoot em in their kneecaps! That will keep em down for a while!
It is about time  
#7 | 1835 days ago

Avalanche to sweep up the Leafs
#8 | 1834 days ago

#9 | 1834 days ago

Avalanche Rockzzzzzzzzz! Give a Massive feel Shot
#10 | 1834 days ago

Whatever, lol.
#11 | 1834 days ago

Leafs got get a win soon. Av's 4 games in six days....this is the spot  HAHA
#12 | 1834 days ago

SusanVette wrote:
Avalanche to sweep up the Leafs
thats the way to think baby
#13 | 1834 days ago

I got a lot of points in this game, I predicted the same exact score (Avalanche 4-1)

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