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Have you ever listened to Stairway to Heaven backwards? (Edited 12/18/06 02:11PM by Seth)
If so, what do you think?
| Closed on 12/24/06 at 05:00PM
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19%a. Yes
81%b. No

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#1 | 3054 days ago

creepy stuff..theres youtube videos on it!
#2 | 3054 days ago

Throw up a link, I wanna check it out.
#3 | 3054 days ago
#4 | 3054 days ago

ya i heard it backwards. doesnt say somethin like "john is dead" or somethin
#5 | 3054 days ago

no it talks about the devil
#6 | 3054 days ago

it totally does. the line "yes there are two paths that you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to change to road your on." i doubted it was true, so i fed it into the computer and tried it and it totally says something. not only that, i sang the lines without music and fed that into the computer and played it backwards and it said the same thing, which makes sense i suppose.....
#7 | 3054 days ago

(Edited by JewelOfSong)
The "Paul is dead" thing is if you play "Revolution No. 9" by the Beatles backwards, which I haven't tried myself.
#8 | 3054 days ago

I have, but it is backmasking not really from the playing of the song itself. The looped in the extra lyric. I think that is what happened in Stairway as well. The original lyrics just don't rhetorically make the works work as they say. As a rhetorical scholar that is important for me.....
#9 | 3054 days ago
jazzy (+)

I found this site online, if anyone's interested... It lists a lot of different songs that supposedly have secret messages if played backwards. A group of friends and I just listened to them regularly and then in reverse, without first reading the reverse lyrics. We couldn't make out any of the alleged backwards messages while actually listening to the songs, but found that once we read the lyrics and listened again, the brain got tricked into hearing things. Still a little weird though.
#10 | 3002 days ago

any song sung backwards is devil music

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