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Do you think games like GTA influence violence? (Edited 12/18/06 02:27PM by Seth)
| Closed on 12/25/06 at 05:00PM
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38%a. Yes
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#1 | 3032 days ago

but in the end, an individual is responsible for their actions and not a game, hollywood, etc.
#2 | 3032 days ago

The capacity for violence comes from within not outstanding just said! (I just noticed what you wrote...excellant point!)
#3 | 3031 days ago

I played GTA San Andreas for about a month straight(yeah, I beat it 100%) . . . and while we were walking back from the mall, the thought that we should just steal a car to get home quicker really crossed my mind . . . and it took me a few seconds to realize what a terrible idea it was. For people who have more trouble than myself in separating video games from real life, I could definitely see how this could be a problem.
#4 | 3031 days ago

Well said!
#5 | 3031 days ago

Empirical evidence says that people with a propensity for violence who watch violent games, tv or movies(or listen to violent music) will be motivated to violence. The studies vary in the degree but they tend to be in the range of 35 to 65%. Outstanding is totally correct in his assessment when he states that the individual is responsible for his own actions! The media may increase ones "trigger" for violence but the tendancy for the violence is already there due to a combination of nature and nuture. In the court system the fine line of sanity has to be argued and the jury has to listen to expert testimony to decide to what extent the media, nature and nuture had on the individual versus the fact the perpetrator just commited the violent crime for purient reasons.

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