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Have you ever lost a client or customer because of you favorite team? (Edited 01/23/07 12:56PM by Seth)
(Elaborate if you so desire)
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0%a. Yes
93%b. No
7%c. Almost but I managed to salvage it

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#1 | 3052 days ago

Twice I have hacked off people because of sporting events. One customer was a Nebraska football freak and I teased him about Texas winning the Big 12 (when it first formed). The other was a customer in Phoenix I sent a package too in the early 90's and I wrote something about the Rockets beating the Suns. He was so upset he went to my supervisor.
Almost but I managed to salvage it  
#2 | 3052 days ago

(Edited by JewelOfSong)
No, but the landlord for the building I work in is a Red Sox fan... so it makes for some great busting of chops. As far as customers/authors/freelancers and whatnot go, I mostly work with musicians or designers who's main focus is music/design and not so much sports. And everyone else I have working relationships with are either in Milwaukee, WI or Winona, Minnesota, so there's not much of a conflict.
#3 | 3052 days ago
jazzy (+)

A few weeks ago, I had a regular tell me I should be fired for wearing a White Sox shirt to work. When he found out that one of my coworkers there that day was also a Sox fan, he said something about his ears bleeding. Then he wished us both a "very crappy day" on his way out the door. He probably would have gone to someone else for help, but we were the only two at the desk at the time, so he didn't have much of a choice. Grumpy old man.
Almost but I managed to salvage it  

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