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What are your plans for Father's Day weekend?
Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much lately -- I've been very busy. I hope you're enjoying the changes to the FanIQ site... Have a great weekend!
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17%a. Spend time with my Dad!
0%b. Go out to a movie
0%c. Going to a sporting event (specify below)
0%d. Playing sports
8%e. Hang out with friends
0%f. Weekend getaway
0%g. Special occasion
17%h. Family time
0%i. Catch up on sleep
8%j. I have to work!
25%k. Just chill
25%l. Other or a combination (specify below)

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#1 | 3016 days ago

Spending time with my husband and my Dad. Hopefully will get some good food and some relaxation too!
Other or a combination (specify below)  
#2 | 3016 days ago

the boys are back in town.
Hang out with friends  
#3 | 3016 days ago
Kerri (+)

Spend time with Dad and the rest of the family at Princess Julia's birthday party! :)
Other or a combination (specify below)  
#4 | 3016 days ago

My father passed away a few years ago, but I will be thinking of him,as I do often, he was a very special man.
Just chill  
#5 | 3016 days ago

Grillin and chillin with my family.
Spend time with my Dad!  
#6 | 3016 days ago

Spend time with my father-in-law while we watch Clemson continue marching forward in the NCAA College World Championship Series.....GO TIGERS!!!!!!
Other or a combination (specify below)  

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