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Do you think singers should just leave other artists music alone and create their own? (Edited 12/18/06 01:57PM by Seth)
(remaking a song)
| Closed on 12/24/06 at 05:00PM
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51%a. Yes
49%b. No

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#1 | 3028 days ago

Some remakes are better, or just as good as the original and the original artist, if they were the songwriter, is going to get royalty from the new rendition so I don't think they are complaining.
#2 | 3028 days ago

Covering other people's music is somewhat of an honor AND I like to see other treatments of style and method.
#3 | 3027 days ago

covering songs live is ok, but generally remakes suck. if you are going to do a remake, put your own spin on it without destroying it. but some bands cover it trying to do it just like the original. in that case, what's the point? you aren't going to do it as well as the original.

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