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Is a fetus a human being? (Edited 12/18/06 01:36PM by Seth)
| Closed on 12/23/06 at 05:00PM
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87%a. Yes
13%b. No

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#1 | 2861 days ago

From my point of view, life begins at the introduction of the sperm into the egg. Genetically, fertilization thus begins and hence life begins. I am taking my faith out of this and just putting in the genetics concept. Now, in terms of faith...same thing, at the introduction of the sperm to the egg(a small difference in rhetoric).
#2 | 2860 days ago

everyone i know who sees this little thing inside themself (or their wife, girlfriend, etc.) says to me what a difference it is to actually see it via ultrasound and feel it inside, etc. there's no question in their mind at that point that it is a person inside them.
#3 | 2860 days ago

According to my personal beliefs, consciousness enters once the sperm and the egg meet.
#4 | 2858 days ago

have my second Sono tomorrow, and can't wait! It has definitely changed my life already, and yes my son is a living being already inside the womb.

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