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Will Matt Ryan take the Falcons to a Super Bowl in the next 5 years?
| Closed on 02/08/09 at 05:00PM
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59%a. Yes
41%b. No

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#1 | 1967 days ago
EdSpeshel (+)

I don't know if he'll be able to get that many tickets though.  Maybe just the offense.
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#1 | 1967 days ago
EdSpeshel (+)

I don't know if he'll be able to get that many tickets though.  Maybe just the offense.
#2 | 1964 days ago

Well, I'm not sure that he will take them...but I think he has a decent chance of going along with the other 53 members of the team to get there.   The talent that they have is really pretty good, and if he continues to improve and project out like I thought he would, then they'll be in good shape.
#3 | 1963 days ago

I hope he can continue doing what he's doing now. He's showed maturity really quickly. Falcons never really had a quarterback that can play with poised. Bartkowski played with the falcons for 10yrs. But he would get injured, and they also never had a good offensive line. Chandler had luck in 1998 in taking the team to the super bowl. Remember the falcons never, I mean never had a back to back winning season for this franchise. That's overdue.
#4 | 1963 days ago

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Ask me again in 5 years
#5 | 1963 days ago
gocows37 (+)

No but that won't mean he isn't a good Quarterback.
#6 | 1963 days ago

I don't think he will, this poll is based on something I heard an NFL commentator say about Ryan.
#7 | 1963 days ago
mooser58 (+)

The only thing taking the Falcons to The Super Bowl is a Chunky Soup contest or a hospitality company.
#8 | 1963 days ago

EdSpeshel wrote:
I don't know if he'll be able to get that many tickets though.  Maybe just the offense.
Maybe he knows Mike Tice.....
#9 | 1963 days ago
EdSpeshel (+)

Ryan wrote:
Maybe he knows Mike Tice.....
Jacksonville isn't very far away... hmmm...
#10 | 1960 days ago

well we will know next year. he may be the next big ben and get luckey and then become good. but hey the playoffs look bright
#11 | 1958 days ago

Where's the "I sure as hell hope so" option?

I'm just Manny being a homer.
#12 | 1955 days ago
tradersr2004 (+)

It takes a lot more than a quarterback to get you to a super bowl i.e. Dan Marino.
#13 | 1955 days ago

Who knows, he might.  But they probably won't win it, even if they do get there.

#14 | 1955 days ago

With the Panthers, Bucs, and Saints (not this year) in their division, he better just try to win his division first... I don't  think he'll win a Super Bowl in the next five years, but it looks like he's going to be a good QB for them
#15 | 1955 days ago

I dont know if he will take them that far but he is definitely a good qb!
#16 | 1955 days ago

if michael turner continues to produce and they upgrade that defense i see a future super bowl for ryan
#17 | 1955 days ago

tradersr2004 wrote:
It takes a lot more than a quarterback to get you to a super bowl i.e. Dan Marino.
Ugg...The old Dan Marino analogy.

Dan Marino never had a running game to support him, and never had a truly solid defense that could overcome the offenses deficiencies. 

The Falcons on the other hand do have run support with Michael Turner, as solid reciever in Roddy White, and a defense that is playing above expectations. 

Matt Ryan surely isn't the only reason why the Falcons are having sucess, but he is absolutely the reason why they are not losing games as most teams with rookie quarterbacks do.
#18 | 1954 days ago

If he keeps working hard then he might have a chance of doing it.
#19 | 1954 days ago

 Don't see it happening.
#20 | 1948 days ago

First the Falcons need to learn how to win in the NFL (check)
Second they need to make the playoffs (still pending)
(they need to build formidable defensive
They need to lose in the playoffs,
 Next they need to learn how to get back to the playoffs and not by the skin of their teeth.
They need to lose again prefferably in a Conference Championship game.
Then in 1-3 seasons they win it all.
#21 | 1947 days ago

As long as he stays away from dogs...
#22 | 1938 days ago

they must hold on to michael turner to continue there success
#23 | 1937 days ago

He might!
But I think he really needs to find a nice girl to go with!
#24 | 1933 days ago

Ryan could be a really good QB but it's going to depend on what they do with the rest of the team as far as any addittions to compensate for their weakness. It's not just the QB that makes a team a contender.
#25 | 1933 days ago

Not this year, obviously.
#26 | 1897 days ago

It'd be nice.

They have a really good offense and they can put teams out of the game in the 1st quarter. The defense has John Abraham (who is vastly underrated).

I can see it happening.

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