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College Football Bowl Season Pickem Challenge
It's bowl season time again in college football which means one last pickem challenge for the 2008-2009 season.  Your mission in this poll is simple....predict the following winners in this years bowl season.  However, since there is only room for 30 questions and there are 34 bowls, I skipped the BCS games to focus on the bowls that wont get as much attention.  The BCS bowls will no doubt be focused on different polls so dont feel slighted if your favorite college team isnt in this poll.

You also have the chance to add some hardware to your trophy case if you finish in the top 3 in this poll. 

Good luck and let the bowl season begin
Featured by: Scott at 12/07/08 8:41PM
Scored by Scott on 01/08/09 at 11:52AM | Closed on 12/20/08 at 11:00AM
FanIQ Pts? 30 | NCAAF | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer13 Experts226 Fans 
   1. EagleBank Bowl - Wake Forest vs. Navy (10 points)
Correct77%65%a. Wake Forest
23%36%b. Navy
   2. New Mexico Bowl - Colorado State vs. Fresno State (10 points)
Correct31%25%a. Colorado State
69%76%b. Fresno State
   3. St. Petersburg Bowl - Memphis vs. South Florida (10 points)
0%13%a. Memphis
Correct100%88%b. South Florida
   4. Las Vegas Bowl - BYU vs. Arizona (10 points)
69%69%a. BYU
Correct31%32%b. Arizona
   5. New Orleans Bowl - Southern Miss vs. Troy (10 points)
Correct46%47%a. Southern Miss
54%54%b. Troy
   6. Poinsetta Bowl - TCU vs. Boise State (10 points)
Correct85%27%a. TCU
15%74%b. Boise State
   7. Hawaii Bowl - Hawaii vs. Notre Dame (10 points)
46%48%a. Hawaii
Correct54%53%b. Notre Dame
   8. Motor City Bowl - Central Michigan vs. Florida Atlantic (10 points)
85%68%a. Central Michigan
Correct15%33%b. Florida Atlantic
   9. Meineke Car Care Bowl - West Virginia vs. North Carolina (10 points)
Correct38%62%a. West Virginia
62%39%b. North Carolina
   10. Champs Sports Bowl - Wisconsin vs. Florida State (10 points)
15%21%a. Wisconsin
Correct85%80%b. Florida State
   11. Emerald Bowl - Miami (FLA) vs. California (10 points)
23%42%a. Miami (FLA)
Correct77%59%b. California
   12. Independence Bowl - Louisiana Tech vs. Northern Illinois (10 points)
Correct62%60%a. Louisiana Tech
38%41%b. Northern Illinois
   13. Bowl - NC State vs. Rutgers (10 points)
38%45%a. NC State
Correct62%56%b. Rutgers
   14. Alamo Bowl - Missouri vs. Northwestern (10 points)
Correct92%86%a. Missouri
8%15%b. Northwestern
   15. Humanitarian Bowl - Maryland vs. Nevada (10 points)
Correct46%70%a. Maryland
54%31%b. Nevada
   16. Texas Bowl - Rice vs. Western Michigan (10 points)
Correct85%54%a. Rice
15%47%b. Western Michigan
   17. Holiday Bowl - Oklahoma State vs. Oregon (10 points)
69%81%a. Oklahoma State
Correct31%19%b. Oregon
   18. Armed Forces Bowl - Houston vs. Air Force (10 points)
Correct85%53%a. Houston
15%48%b. Air Force
   19. Sun Bowl - Oregon State vs. Pittsburgh (10 points)
Correct62%51%a. Oregon State
38%50%b. Pittsburgh
   20. Music City Bowl - Boston College vs. Vanderbilt (10 points)
77%81%a. Boston College
Correct23%20%b. Vanderbilt
   21. Insight Bowl - Kansas vs. Minnesota (10 points)
Correct100%77%a. Kansas
0%24%b. Minnesota
   22. Chick-fil-a Peach Bowl - LSU vs. Georgia Tech (10 points)
Correct38%52%a. LSU
62%49%b. Georgia Tech
   23. Outback Bowl - South Carolina vs. Iowa (10 points)
23%51%a. South Carolina
Correct77%50%b. Iowa
   24. Capital One Bowl - Georgia vs. Michigan State (10 points)
Correct92%81%a. Georgia
8%19%b. Michigan State
   25. Gator Bowl - Clemson vs. Nebraska (10 points)
46%50%a. Clemson
Correct54%50%b. Nebraska
   26. Cotton Bowl - Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech (10 points)
Correct23%12%a. Ole Miss
77%88%b. Texas Tech
   27. Liberty Bowl - Kentucky vs. East Carolina (10 points)
Correct31%43%a. Kentucky
69%58%b. East Carolina
   28. International Bowl - Buffalo vs. Connecticut (10 points)
8%40%a. Buffalo
Correct92%61%b. Connecticut
   29. GMAC Bowl - Ball State vs. Tulsa (10 points)
38%59%a. Ball State
Correct62%42%b. Tulsa
   30. BCS National Championship - Florida vs. Oklahoma (10 points)
Correct92%49%a. Florida
8%52%b. Oklahoma
   Tiebreaker: What will be the most amount of points scored in any of the bowl games listed in this poll?
Correct  77

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