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Best Non-Major Sport FanIQ Commissioner? (Edited 06/26/06 04:43AM by Pat)
There are a few commissioners of sports that aren't quite as famous as others. But they do a great job. You've probably noticed their polls all over the place.

Who's the best?
| Closed on 07/26/06 at 05:00PM
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31 Fans 
26%a. BrianBrockmeyer(Boxing)
10%b. CMAC(Tennis)
26%c. Gearhead(IRL)
10%d. Gus(Cricket)
16%e. Mizzy(Rugby)
13%f. Other(comment)

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#1 | 3007 days ago

CMAC and Mizzy follow closely behind, though, in my opinion. Great job guys, keep it up!
#2 | 3007 days ago

Gus is my boy.. though he hasn't done much :)
#3 | 3007 days ago
Scott N (+)

I can't say I've been to any of those groups....
#4 | 3007 days ago

I only voted for myself so that I would be tied with "Other", other is the man.
#5 | 3006 days ago

Wow, people voted for me. Thanks!
#6 | 3004 days ago

I can't vote on things I don't know and I have not spent much time in those groups. I abstain.
#7 | 3003 days ago

I'd like to be the commissioner of Aussie Rules. Is there enough interest in talking footy more????

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