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Who should win the ESPY for Best Male Athlete? (Edited 10/13/06 05:19AM by Lance)
| Closed on 10/13/06 at 05:00AM
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10%a. Shaun Alexander: Running Back
36%b. Lance Armstrong: Cyclist
19%c. LeBron James: NBA Forward
29%d. Albert Pujols: First Baseman
7%e. Vince Young: Quarterback

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#1 | 3003 days ago
Kerri (+)

duh! ;)
Albert Pujols: First Baseman  
#2 | 3001 days ago

Ummm....Lance won ONE RACE. I know he's won it a bunch of years in a row, but all of the other finalists put up huge performances day in and day out for an entire season. Lance won ONE RACE. I know it's the biggest race in the world, but that would be like Tiger playing ONLY the Masters, winning, and people saying he was the best athlete. Sorry, that's not enough for me, Lance, cancer or not. Your act is getting old. Enter more races, like all of your opponents and teammates.
Albert Pujols: First Baseman  
#3 | 1489 days ago

#4 | 1488 days ago

Lets Go Redbirds 
#5 | 1488 days ago


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