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Battle of NFL Experts Week 2

by CriticalFanatic CriticalFanatic 9/15/061 Comment Comment »
We're conducting a science experiment to find the real sports experts. Every week we're entering the "expert" picks published on the major sites (Sunday Morning show picks will be added as well). We also let the average fan enter their predictions. FanIQ tracks the results and reveals the"real experts" on Mondays.

The FanIQ Consensus (10-6) only trailed a couple experts in Week 1. Following the same path as the college results, ESPN Insider is off to a strong start. Since it's easy to overreact (Jets in the East!), we're looking forward to week 2.

Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings
Battle of NFL Experts Week 2 PhotoExpert Consensus: Panthers (64%)
Experts picking Vikings - Greg Broomberg (Sportsline), Dave Richard (Sportsline), Joe Theismann (ESPN), Chris Mortensen (ESPN), Chris Carter (YahooSports), Brandon Funston (YahooSports), Mark Schlereth (ESPN)
Fan Consensus: Panthers (78%)

It's amazing how much just one week of football can change perceptions. A lot of experts are retracting on their Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Pick. With Steve Smith listed as questionable, that's still not enough to convince the majority of experts that the Panthers will lose in Minnesota. The Mort Report filed a 6-10 record last week, so I'd love to bash his Vikings prediction but with some concern I agree with him. Minnesota established that they will be able to run the football and that will carry them to a 2-0 record. My Pick: Vikings

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles
Battle of NFL Experts Week 2 PhotoExpert Consensus: Eagles (55%)
Experts Picking Giants: Dr. Z (SI), Pete Prisco (Sportsline), Chris Mortensen (ESPN), Jeff Zillgit (USA Today), Nate Davis (USA Today), Charles Robinson (YahooSports), Mark Schlereth (ESPN)
Fan Consensus: Giants (53%)

The closest matchup of Week 2, the experts and fans are split on whether Eli can win a tough game on the road. Indianapolis passed the ball well on the Giants defense last week, but McNabb's wide receivers are not Harrison and Wayne. I agree with Dr. Z that the Giants balanced attack will be the difference. My Pick: Giants

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons
Battle of NFL Experts Week 2 PhotoExpert Consensus: Falcons (57%)
Experts Picking Bucs: Harmon Forecast (Sportsline), Pete Prisco (Sportsline), Clark Judge (Sportsline), Joe Theismann (ESPN), Vinnie Iyer (Sporting News, pictured), Brandon Funston (YahooSports)
Fan Consensus: Falcons (82%)

The Falcons clearly made an impression last week, as 82% are picking Atlanta. The Bucs were the victim of an aggressive Ravens defense last week and the scary part for Chris Simms is that the Falcons D might just even better. An even better sign Atlanta should win .... Vinnie Iyer, he of the 6-10 against the spread in Week 1 is picking the Bucs. My Pick: Falcons

Washington Redskin at Dallas Cowboys
Battle of NFL Experts Week 2 PhotoExpert Consensus: Cowboys (77%)
Experts Picking Redskins: Harmon Forecast (Sportsline), Clark Judge (Sportsline), Greg Broomberg (Sportsline), Joe Theismann (Redskins ESPN, pictured), Jarrett Bell (USA Today),
Fan Consensus: Cowboys (69%)

Good to see Lou Holtz Joe Theismann is picking his Redskins to win on the road in Dallas, because not many others are following that path. Is there any doubt Joe will pick his former team in 13 of 16 games. Hey Joe ... Brunell is your quarterback and he's about as old as you. Cowboys win this game while Bledsoe silences all the Tony Romo talk. My Pick: Cowboys

Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars
Battle of NFL Experts Week 2 PhotoExperts Consensus: Jaguars (67%)
Experts Picking Steelers: Dr. Z (SI), Harmon Forecast (Sportsline), Dave Richard (Sportsline), Mike Golic (ESPN), Brandon Funston (YahooSports)
Fan Consensus: Steelers (60%)

Despite all the "questionable" talk surround Big Ben, he'll play this week and the Steelers will respond. The Jaguars played well last week, but they were the recipient of generous gift from Bledsoe. Pittsburgh just doesn't make those mistakes and the fans will beat the experts again. My pick: Steelers

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Think you can beat the experts? Make your picks below and come back Tuesday for the results!

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09/17/06 Carolina Panthers @ Minnesota Vikings -- who will win?
Final Score: Carolina Panthers 13, Minnesota Vikings 16

Read the Article: Battle of NFL Experts Week 2

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FanIQ Pts? Yes | NFL, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings | Prediction Poll
Teams:  Carolina Panthers
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer27 Experts339 Fans 
59%73%a. Carolina Panthers
Correct41%27%b. Minnesota Vikings

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#1 | 2952 days ago

Because I'm too lazy to check, are all these experts picking against the spread? For example, is Dr Z is picking straight up and Simmons is against the spread, I don't think you compare their results...
"Expert" picks

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