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Battle of the College Football Experts Week 5

by CriticalFanatic CriticalFanatic 9/28/06
We're conducting a science experiment to find the real sports experts. Every week we're entering the "expert" picks published on the major sites (ESPN Gameday picks are also included). We also let the average fan enter their predictions. FanIQ tracks the results and reveals the"real experts" on Mondays.

The FanIQ Consensus (171-29) continues to demonstrate the fans expertise. A .850 winning percentage continues to edge the expert average of .828. CBS Sportsline and YahooSports battle it out on top of the leaderboard with Johnny Rosenstein, Jeremy Stone and Terry Bowden possessing the best straight up winning percentage. See Complete Leaderboard

Ohio State at Iowa
Battle of the College Football Experts Week 5 PhotoExpert Consensus: Ohio State (85%)
Experts picking Iowa: Jason Horowitz (CBS Sportsline, pictured), Pete Fiutak (CollegeFootballNews)
Fan Consensus: Ohio State (77%)

No doubt who the better team is in this game, but Kinnick Stadium is a terribly difficult place to win a football game. While the fans and experts agree on the victor, they are split on the spread. 75% of experts believe the Hawkeyes will cover the 7 points, while 53% of fans predict the Buckeyes win by more than a touchdown. Iowa has yet to play anywhere near their potential and only a perfect game Saturday night will generate a W. Buckeyes have too good a defense, and that will keep the crowd quiet. A late touchdown beats the spread. My Pick: Buckeyes

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech

Battle of the College Football Experts Week 5 PhotoExpert Consensus: Virginia Tech (69%)

Experts picking Georgia Tech: Jason Horowitz (CBS Sportsline), Tom Dienhart (Sporting News, pictured), Steve Greenberg (Sporting News), Andrew Joyner (Rivals)
Fan Consensus: Virginia Tech (74%)

Chan Gailey may have just realized just in time that if he throws the ball to Calvin Johnson all game , they might just win.Any time I agree with 2 out of 3 Sporting News experts I question my sanity, however the Yellow Jackets are putting it together just in time to pull off the big upset in Week 5. Picking a road team to win in Blacksburg may be equally blasphemous, but I'm feeling a little crazy this week. G-Tech D hangs with V-Tech O, and Johnson makes the game changing plays. My Pick: Yellow Jackets

Washington at Arizona

Battle of the College Football Experts Week 5 PhotoExperts Consensus: Washington (56%)

Experts picking Arizona: Harmon Forecast (CBS Sportsline), Rich Cirminiello (CFN), Matthew Zemek (CFN, pictured), Matt Hayes (Sporting News)
Fan Consensus: Arizona (71%)

For the second straight week, the picks are one sided with the experts and fans agreeing on all but one game. You might have laughed at the notion of Ty Willingham bringing the Huskies to a bowl game, but the experts are buying. I'd also like to believe in the Washington, but they're facing a defense that kept USC in check more than any other team will all year long. My Pick: Arizona

Other Key Game Breakdowns
Purdue at Notre Dame (Experts - Notre Dame 100% / Fans - Notre Dame 93%)
Auburn at South Carolina (Experts - Auburn 100% / Fans - Auburn 95%)
Alabama at Florida (Experts - Florida 100% / Fans - Florida 97%)

Complete Expert Breakdowns:
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Think you can beat these experts?
Make your picks and come back Monday for the results. (Don't forget about tonight's games)

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Scored by barmarjeff on 09/28/06 at 12:11PM | Closed on 09/28/06 at 07:30PM
FanIQ Pts? Yes | NCAAF, Auburn Tigers, South Carolina Gamecocks | Prediction Poll
Teams:  Auburn Tigers | South Carolina Gamecocks
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer17 Experts233 Fans 
Correct94%95%a. Auburn
6%5%b. South Carolina

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