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Who will be the 1st Big Brother All-Star booted this season?
Co-HOH's Janelle & Jase put up Allison & Danielle. Will the power of veto come into play?
| Closed on 07/11/06 at 04:00PM
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36%a. Danielle
44%b. Allison
20%c. Someone else due to power of veto

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#1 | 3010 days ago
Ty (+)

I hate to admit it but I love this show!
#2 | 3009 days ago

Nothing wrong with that!
#3 | 3009 days ago

i do too
#4 | 3009 days ago

I get suckered in every year!
#5 | 3009 days ago
Kerri (+)

i hope its danielle...for some reason i took an immediate "dislike" to her this time around.
#6 | 3009 days ago

i like danielle, can't stand allison, didn't want her to get in...and really glad ivette didn't get in. Was surprised Bunky didn't get in.
#7 | 3008 days ago

I love Big Brother!! Danielle is not my favorite HG, but I would like to see her stay around to keep things interesting. Unfortunately she played the game too hard too early, so she'll be evicted due to numbers against her. I think Danielle is a bigger threat.....Allison is a bigger pain in the ass.
#8 | 3008 days ago

I completely dislike Alison, but I knew she would get in for the have to admit, she brings the drama, so for that fact she is good to have in the house. Although hopefully she won't be there long!! And yes, SOOOOO glad Evilette did not get voted in...she probably got the least amount of votes!
#9 | 3007 days ago

did you see ivette's face when she didn't get in? CLASSIC! suprised bunky didn't get in.
#10 | 3007 days ago

Yes, her face was definitely classic! And she even thought she had a chance is beyond me. Chicken George must have taken Bunky's place....I must not have watched when Bunky was on b/c I don't know him..I think I watched from Season 2 or 3 on..
#11 | 3007 days ago

bunky is season 2.....i thought it was hilarious last season how the nerd herd thought that everyone in america hated the others and loved them, but everyone hated them......
#12 | 3006 days ago

I KNOW!!! I so wanted footage of what happened AFTER BB6....I would have given money to see them find out how much America despised them...Oh to see that!!!!

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