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Which is harder to find? (Edited 01/29/07 01:13PM by Seth)
These are all pretty difficult
| Closed on 02/28/07 at 05:00PM
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28%a. Finding a new job
17%b. Finding a new house or apartment
55%c. Finding a new Girlfriend or Boyfriend

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#1 | 2966 days ago

I tend to be the pickiest in this category.
Finding a new Girlfriend or Boyfriend  
#2 | 2966 days ago

Been searching for about a year now. I can't find a 3 B/R for under 350K around this place. The housing market in the greater D.C. area sucks.
Finding a new house or apartment  
#3 | 2963 days ago

When I was single a girlfriend was easy to find, a good relationship a bit harder; I worked full time from 13 to 48 which is 35 years. The only reason I quit is because of illness. Jobs were always easy for me to find! In my life I have bought five homes and I struggled to fine just the right one for my moment in life and the needs I had at the moment in time. Homes are critical to my psyche whether single or married.
Finding a new house or apartment  
#4 | 2962 days ago

I choose girlfriends and homes, but jobs are the ones that choose me. I can't talk someone into giving me a job anymore; it's my resume that does all the talking. Jobs are the one thing I don't have total control over, so I choose that. I understand that a girl has to want to put up with me first, but having a girlfriend is a decision that ultimately comes down to me.
Finding a new job  
#5 | 2962 days ago

WAY too picky for my own good.
Finding a new Girlfriend or Boyfriend  

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