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NFC - Over/Under Poll - Divisional Playoffs
Predict whether these NFC players or teams will be over or under for the following questions.

NFL Playoff Schedule
Featured by: kramer at 1/05/09 4:43PM
Scored by Scott on 01/11/09 at 04:21AM | Closed on 01/10/09 at 08:15PM
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Team Breakout:
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 1. K. Warner (ARI) will attempt 37.5 passes (10 points)
55%a. Over
45%b. Under
 2. J. Delhomme (CAR) will complete 62.55% of his passes (10 points)
61%a. Over
39%b. Under
 3. D. McNabb (PHI) will complete passes to 7.5 different receivers (10 points)
25%a. Over
75%b. Under
 4. E. Manning (NYG) will throw for 255.5 yards (10 points)
54%a. Over
46%b. Under
 5. E. James (ARI) will average 3.85 yards per carry (10 points)
45%a. Over
55%b. Under
 6. D. Williams (CAR) will rush for 125.5 yards (10 points)
57%a. Over
43%b. Under
 7. B. Westbrook (PHI) will have 115.5 yards rushing + receiving (10 points)
69%a. Over
30%b. Under
 8. New York Giants offense will rush the ball 32.5 times (10 points)
67%a. Over
32%b. Under
 9. L. Fitzgerald (ARI) will have 88.5 yards receiving (10 points)
69%a. Over
31%b. Under
 10. S. Smith (CAR) will have a long reception of 22.5 yards (10 points)
75%a. Over
24%b. Under
 11. Brent Celek (PHI) will score .5 touchdowns (10 points)
 12. A. Toomer (NYG) will have 5.5 receptions (10 points)
 13. Arizona Cardinals will allow 389.5 total yards (10 points)
 14. J. Kasay (CAR) will score 9.5 points (10 points)
 15. Philadelphia Eagles defense will allow 155.5 yards rushing (10 points)
 16. New York Giants will allow 18.5 points (10 points)
 Tiebreaker: How many combined points for both games in the NFC Divisional Round?

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