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NFC - Over/Under Poll - Conference Championship (Edited 01/17/09 01:06AM by Scott)
Predict whether these NFC players or teams will be over or under for the following questions.

NFL Playoff Schedule
Scored by Scott on 01/18/09 at 06:33AM | Closed on 01/18/09 at 03:15PM
FanIQ Pts? 16 | NFL | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer154 Fans 
  1. D. McNabb (PHI) will attempt 37.5 passes (10 points)
Correct38%a. Over
62%b. Under
  2. K. Warner (ARI) will complete 62.55% of his passes (10 points)
Correct46%a. Over
54%b. Under
  3. D. McNabb (PHI) will complete passes to 7.5 different receivers (10 points)
Correct34%a. Over
66%b. Under
  4. K. Warner (ARI) will throw for 292.5 yards (10 points)
62%a. Over
Correct38%b. Under
  5. B. Westbrook (PHI) will have a combined 115.5 yards rushing + receiving (10 points)
79%a. Over
Correct21%b. Under
  6. E. James (ARI) will average 3.85 yards per carry (10 points)
Correct45%a. Over
55%b. Under
  7. D. Jackson + K. Curtis (PHI) will have a combined 9.5 receptions (10 points)
Correct64%a. Over
36%b. Under
  8. L. Fitzgerald (ARI) will have 101.5 yards receiving (10 points)
Correct69%a. Over
31%b. Under
  9. B. Celek (PHI) will score .5 touchdowns (10 points)
Correct44%a. Over
56%b. Under
  10. S. Breaston (ARI) will have a long reception of 21.5 yards (10 points)
49%a. Over
Correct51%b. Under
  11. D. Akers (PHI) will make 2.5 field goals (10 points)
73%a. Over
Correct27%b. Under
  12. N. Rackers (ARI) will score 9.5 points (10 points)
Correct34%a. Over
66%b. Under
  13. Philadelphia Eagles will have a combined 5.5 sacks + turnovers forced (10 points)
49%a. Over
Correct51%b. Under
  14. Arizona Cardinals will have 385.5 total yards (10 points)
44%a. Over
Correct56%b. Under
  15. The total number of penalties in this game will be 14.5 (10 points)
40%a. Over
Correct60%b. Under
  16. The combined score of the game will be 51.5 (10 points)
Correct43%a. Over
57%b. Under
  Tiebreaker: How many total yards will there be in the NFC Championship Game?
Correct 823

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