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Sacramento at Denver NBA 1/20 Stat Poll
 In most polls you have little choices, but in this poll any player can be the top guy. I will base the choices off of the top player in each stat. Example, say a guy is averaging 30 points, and another player is averaging 20 points. In this poll, every player will be equal based on their season average, so the 20 point average player is going to be plus 10 points Vs the 30 point player. So you will have to use your skill in match ups and actually pick who has a better game based off of their normal effort. If a player does not play, you will be given his team mate in the question, as it's hard to keep up with all the late scratches. I only use main players who played full games in their last contest at the time I made the poll. So if a guy doesn't play, and his team mate wins a question, I will make both as winners.
Scored by Scott on 01/20/09 at 11:34AM | Closed on 01/20/09 at 09:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 6 | NBA, Sacramento Kings, Denver Nuggets | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer12 Fans 
  1. Who scores the most points? Kevin Martin 24.4 (1 points)
42%a. Kevin Martin
8%b. John Salmons (+6.2)
33%c. Chauncey Billups (+7.3)
Correct17%d. JR Smith (+10.8)
  2. Who has the most Rebounds? Brad Miller 8.5 (1 points)
17%a. Brad Miller
8%b. Spencer Hawes (+2.6)
Correct67%c. Nene Hilario (+0.5)
8%d. Kenyon Martin (+2.9)
  3. Who has the most assist? Chauncey Billups 6.8 (1 points)
0%a. Beno Udrih (+2.3)
8%b. John Salmons (+3.9)
92%c. Chauncey Billups
Correct0%d. Anthony Carter (+3.5)
  4. Who has the most blocks and steals combined? Nene Hilario 2.8 (1 points)
0%a. Spencer Hawes (+0.6)
Correct8%b. Francisco Garcia (+1.2)
67%c. Nene Hilario
25%d. Kenyon Martin (+0.8)
  5. Who has the most turnovers? Kevin Martin 3.1 (1 points)
58%a. Kevin Martin
17%b. Beno Udrih (+0.6)
8%c. Chauncey Billups (+1.0)
Correct17%d. JR Smith (+1.3)
  6. Which team has a better free throw percentage? Sacramento 80.0 (1 points)
25%a. Sacramento
Correct75%b. Denver (+4.6)
  Tiebreaker: Total combined score of the game?
Correct 217

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