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Is Maurice just a problem person or does he just have to many mental issues?
News: ( Maurice Clarrett

| Closed on 10/31/06 at 11:00PM
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58%a. Problem Person
42%b. Big Mental Issues

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#1 | 2960 days ago

If he had mental issues, he'd likely be telling the world in order to gain some degree of support or sympathy. I have Bi-polar Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and I readily tell people in order that they understand my behavior that is irregular and out of the norm. Yes, my medication does wonders but I still have highs and lows outside the normative scope of things and telling people about my illness gains me support and understanding. Clarrett has not done this therefore I have to believe he is just trouble!
Problem Person  
#2 | 2960 days ago

Clarrett is such a waste of sperm...... he's just a thug and bad guy and I dont need to hear his name ever again
Problem Person  

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