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Theres something wrong with the NBA.... (Edited 04/17/10 03:32PM by bayareabeast21)
Theres something wrong with the NBA.... <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 04/17/10 03:32PM by bayareabeast21)</span> Photo

 I don't know if anyone remembers, but well before the Tim Donaghy scandal was exposed, I once posted this as my headline/thought of the day. I would see crazy, bizarre things all the time.The truth is, there really is something wrong with the NBA. Its things you wouldn't notice unless you had money riding on games for several seasons. 

Anyone who believes that professional sports games are never fixed needs a reality check. With the amount of money that is placed on sporting events today, what is stopping more Tim Donaghys from subtly altering the outcome of the team that covers or the over/under. Keep in mind it does not necesssarily affect the outcome of the winner/loser simply the point spread.

Imagine you are an NBA referree and a crooked one at that. Whats stopping you from calling your brother in law, (who has a different last name as you) from opening an account with some offshore sportsbook, depositing 25k, maxing out a bet on the Magic to cover the -5.5 against the Hawks? These online sportsbooks today ensure confidentiality and will allow any post up player to come and wager with them anytime.

One thing is clear. If there were to be clandestine maneuvers like this, it would be much easier for the ref to bet the underdawg + the points, rather than the favorite. It really wouldn't be that hard. Watch the video below, and on the same page as that video are several links you might find interesting to say the least.

Anyhow my question to this poll is this: Do you believe that NBA games today are still being fixed?
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81%a. Yes, it still happens sometimes
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#1 | 2063 days ago

Not just NBA.  All sports.
Yes, it still happens sometimes  
#2 | 2063 days ago

As long as people bet on sports, there will be those who cheat!
Some will use "pressure" to insure that a games outcome is in their favor while others playing or officiating the games will do things to bring about a certain outcome.
Sports have always had a dark, shady side and always will.
Best anyone can do is impose harsh penalties on those getting caught and hope that it will deter others from doing the same thing in the future.
Yes, it still happens sometimes  
#3 | 2060 days ago

Cheaters will be Cheaters "  
Yes, it still happens sometimes  
#4 | 2059 days ago

eljhaycorrea wrote:
Cheaters will be Cheaters "  
Lol, yea...
#5 | 2055 days ago

always fixed in some way...Officials control the outcome of virtually every game
Yes, it still happens sometimes  
#6 | 2055 days ago

(Edited by derms33)
I don't bet on the NBA anymore because of it
Yes, it still happens sometimes  
#7 | 1652 days ago

I'm far from a conspiracy guy...  But I think the NBA prefers certain teams to make it far in the playoffs over others.  Maybe I should say, the NBA in conjunction with TV prefer certain teams.

But they can only affect it in subtle ways.  If one team is blowing out the other, there is little that can be done.  But if games are close, you bet the favored team will get the breaks.
Yes, it still happens sometimes  
#8 | 1651 days ago

All sports I'm sure there is some fudging.  Even if it's less than intentional or in terms of money, there are certain biases that show.  I can point to the defense of Rondo and his clear offenses last playoffs - what was the excuse, "he didn't wind up," total BS - and then they did a make-up call on Wade, who not only didn't wind-up but made a legal block!  It was so obvious that only the most naive can buy the front office's trash.  I can point to some really bad calls in the NHL, where the front office will look the other way if their star Penguins take cheap shots that clearly the rules dictate requires a suspension.  I can point to certain calls in the MLB where the ball clearly never comes close to going over the fence yet they rule it a home run AFTER replay.  Maybe even the lack of revenue sharing has something to do with this.

Sports is profit and ratings, and I don't doubt that like any business in this country they are willing to be less than truthful in order to make ends meet.  We've been dealing with cheaters since, what, the Black Sox?  And then nearly a century later we never suspected that steroids could happen or that someone in Donaghy's position could be cheating.  So, I'm not buying Stern's or any other commish's pleas of innocence, even if they truly believe they are fair.
Yes, it still happens sometimes  
#9 | 1564 days ago
vindog (+)

It's the same in the NFL with those "phantom" holding penalties on a critical 3rd and 1 with the team down by 3 points that takes them out of field goal range.... just saying
Yes, it still happens sometimes  
#10 | 1561 days ago

For the love of money!!!!!!!

#11 | 1067 days ago

 I just added Tim Donaghy on Facebook. When NBA starts back up again I'm gonna hit him up and ask him for some betting tips.

Dude picked 13/14 in the NBA Playoffs last year.
Yes, it still happens sometimes  
#12 | 845 days ago

donm454 wrote:
Not just NBA.  All sports.

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