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Up All Night Pondering the Existence of Dog...
 Punchline to a great joke...

So anywho, I've been battling insomnia since last Thursday, and Insomnia is winning.  Usually I just recite the alphabet backwards, but that isn't working right now.  So besides passing out or exhaustion through being intimate, what do you do to go to sleep.  and for the record it usually takes me an hour to unwind after i crawl into bed to begin with, so i'm talking hours before i crash.

What do you get when you cross an Insomniac, Atheist, and Dyslexic?
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#3 | 2003 days ago

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#1 | 2003 days ago

It takes me forever to sleep.  Unfortunately, I'm of no help in this subject.
#2 | 2003 days ago

I'm usually so exhausted by the end of the day, that sleep is never an issue...then again, I normally only sleep 5 hours a night...
#3 | 2003 days ago

#4 | 2003 days ago

Its weird, but Ialways put in my head, ok you are on a deserted island and you can only have 10 things...besides the nice comfy bed you are laying on...think about what you'd have Shawn...I am asleep in no time
#5 | 2003 days ago
mooser58 (+)

I go with what I call the Keith Richards form of sleeping: Sex, drugs or booze.  If you can throw all three into the mix it is an added bonus.

The Other  
#6 | 2003 days ago

Been waiting to use this pic. Nyquil for me. Or stare at this pic at night a try and figure out if this is a dude or a chick.

#7 | 2003 days ago

I go to sleep when I am about to fall asleep at the keyboard hate cussing the ceilings and wrestling the covers! Learned a long time ago never go to bed mad or when your not tired!

The Other  
#8 | 2003 days ago

In my youth (under 35) I would go out and play basketball until midnight at the local park the head to the 24 hour gym and workout for an hour or so.
Now all I have to do is watch TV for an hour and I'm ready to hit the rack!
Old age sucks!
#9 | 2003 days ago
PeacefulDave (+)

I've been living with random bouts of insomnia for 20+ years.  Sometimes it's only 2-3 days, once it was over 2 months (averaging around 2 hours sleep a day).  I've tried Rx sleeping pills, nerve pills, muscle relaxers, booze and more booze, herbal supplements, teas, natural remedies...etc, etc.  If someone suggested it, I tried it.  And to make matters worse, even if something seemed to help once, it might never help me again.

So basically, I'm not a damn bit of help for you.  But I hope you find something soon that works.  And if you do, let me know what is it.  It might be the one thing I haven't tried yet.
The Other  
#10 | 2003 days ago
Kerri (+)

Reading with my glasses on makes me sleepier quicker than reading with my contacts in.  I've had plenty of times where I've had trouble falling asleep and taken "Simply Sleep"... or I've turned on the stereo and put in a classical cd.  I haven't had a problem lately though.
#11 | 2002 days ago

I often drink myself to sleep
#12 | 2002 days ago

It always takes me at least half an hour to fall asleep every night because I always have a ton of random junk running through my mind
The Other  
#13 | 2002 days ago

some one was told to count sheeps jumping over a fence in order to go to sleep.
The next day when asked him if that worked or not said : no,when i was finished
counting them and was going to sleep the sheeps all begin bleating!!!!!
The Other  
#14 | 2002 days ago

nader2009 wrote:
some one was told to count sheeps jumping over a fence in order to go to sleep.
The next day when asked him if that worked or not said : no,when i was finished
counting them and was going to sleep the sheeps all begin bleating!!!!!
Thats funny  nader.  lmbo  also the joke at top was funny too.
#15 | 2002 days ago

I also  suffer from insommia.  Have for years.  You must relax for an hour before you go to bed.   Never go to bed hungry.  A glass of milk is great with  one Acetaminophen pm or two.  Another great remedy is beofore you go to bed take your Bible down and read from the Psalms.  Very relaxing.  I know the misery you are in, hope these  hints help.
#16 | 2002 days ago

Drink a cup of coffee, find a good book or DVD and prepare to pass the night sleepless.
#17 | 2002 days ago

And I thought this was a poll about the Bounty Hunter guy at first.
#18 | 2000 days ago

Do the Ditty

#19 | 2000 days ago

Crackersex wrote:

Do the Ditty

 read the entire opening.  i know about the ditty....
The Other  
#20 | 1973 days ago

I'm the same way.  I read that u should try for 20 mins to get to sleep.  After that time, u should get out of bed and sit in a comfy chair and do nothing for another 20 mins.  Don't read, turn on a light, or anything like that.  Repeat the cycle for as long as needed.  It should become easier as this becomes more routine, the object being to disassociate the connection of the bed being a place where there's pressure to fall asleep.  I've tried this before, and it's both worked and not worked.  I never made it into a routine, though.

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