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Spring Practice Edition: Iowa Hawkeyes Predictions
With Spring ball just getting underway it got me a little ansy for some football. After finishing last season strong it got me thinking what everyone thinks will happen next season. I'm going to do another poll like this right before season starts to see how the polls varied or if an injury happens what will change it. This poll will be scored.
Scored by Scott on 01/11/10 at 12:15PM | Closed on 04/27/09 at 05:00PM
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Teams:  Iowa Hawkeyes | Big 10 teams
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer10 Fans 
  1. How many yards will Ricky Stanzi throw for? (5 points)
0%a. 0-500
10%b. 501-1100
20%c. 1101-1650
60%d. 1651-2250
Correct10%e. 2251-3000
0%f. 3000+
  2. Who will lead the Hawkeyes in rushing yards in 2009? (5 points)
50%a. Jewel Hampton
30%b. Jeff Brinson
20%c. Brandon Wegher
0%d. Paki O'Meara
Correct0%e. other
  3. Who will lead the Hawkeyes in receiving yards in 2009? (5 points)
Correct50%a. Darrell Johnson Koulianous
30%b. Colin Sandeman
20%c. Trey Stross
0%d. Jordan Cotton
0%e. Tony Moeaki
0%f. other
  4. How many sacks will the leading sack getter have? (5 points)
0%a. 0-2
10%b. 2.5-5
70%c. 5.5-8
Correct20%d. 8.5-10
0%e. 10.5+
  5. How many interceptions will the INT leader have? (5 points)
0%a. 0-1
70%b. 2-4
Correct30%c. 3-6
0%d. 7+
  Tiebreaker: How many wins for the 2009 Hawkeyes?
Correct 11

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#1 | 1963 days ago

As a fellow Big Ten fan, i say good luck to the Hawkeyes, on all those days except vs. my Wolverines.
Iowa always plays solid defense, and honestly, my poll answers were true quesswork.
Coach Ferentz will keep you in games, he's a fine football coach.
1. 1651-2250  2. Brandon Wegher  3. Trey Stross  4. 8.5-10  5. 2-4  

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