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Who is most to blame for the Jay Cutler situation in Denver?
| Closed on 05/02/09 at 05:00PM
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38%a. Jay Cutler
38%b. Coach Josh McDaniels
24%c. Owner Pat Bowlen

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#1 | 1995 days ago

He needs to understand that the NFL is a business and sometimes players get shopped around.  He should push his ego aside and act like a professional.
Jay Cutler  
#2 | 1995 days ago
Wordsmith (+)

(Edited by Wordsmith)
The owner started this whole set of dominoes falling, He could have stepped in and flew to meet with Cutler face-to-face. Anyone who lets an unproven young coach come in and blow up your franchise is the ultimate person to blame for all this. He should have stepped in and solved this all behind closed doors.
Owner Pat Bowlen  
#3 | 1995 days ago

 They should never have fired Mike Shanahan
Jay Cutler  
#4 | 1995 days ago

Other. Cutler's agent has a lot to do with this mess.
Owner Pat Bowlen  
#5 | 1995 days ago

 Wonder if he can turn the Redskins around?
Coach Josh McDaniels  
#6 | 1995 days ago
vindog (+)

Pat Bowlen should have let Cutler know that they were shopping him around instead of letting him find out via the media. How would you feel if you found out your Boss was looking to replace you and didn't have the ba$$s to tell you about it like a man??
Owner Pat Bowlen  
#7 | 1994 days ago

Eric Kuselias from ESPN said it great today on First Take.  Denver had a top 3 offense last year, and their in the basement on defense.  What's this first time head coach do?  Try to replace the QB?

Cutler hasn't done a whole lot, but he's more proven than Matt Cassell and definitely more proven that McDaniels is as a head coach.  But considering what's taken place since the end of the season, maybe I shoulda put Bowlen.
Coach Josh McDaniels  

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