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76ERS Mount Rushmore
We all know that Mount Rushmore in South Dakota has four of our greatest presidents faces represented on the mountainside.  What if the sports world had their own "Mount Rushmore's"?

Today, we will look at the greatest players (or coaches) to have ever donned a Philadelphia 76ers jersey.  Which FOUR players (or other franchise figures) in Sixers history deserve to be on YOUR Mount Rushmore?
| Closed on 12/31/09 at 05:00PM
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Teams:  Philadelphia 76ers
Players:  Charles Barkley | Julius Erving
Team Breakout:
Rank41 FansAvg (1st)
1.Wilt Chamberlain2.0 (16)
2.Julius Erving2.0 (8)
3.Charles Barkley1.4 (3)
4.Allen Iverson1.4 (6)
Also receiving votes:Moses Malone0.7
COACH - Jack Ramsay0.4 (2)
Andre Iguodala0.3
Billy Cunningham0.2
Andrew Toney0.2
Darryl Dawkins0.2
Andre Miller0.2 (1)
OTHER0.2 (1)
COACH - Larry Brown0.1 (1)
Maurice Cheeks0.1 (1)
PRESIDENT - Pat Croce0.1
OTHER0.1 (1)
Keith Van Horn0.1 (1)
Hal Greer0.1
Chet Walker0.1
COACH - Alex Hannum0.1
Armon Gilliam0.0
George McGinnis0.0
Dikembe Mutombo0.0
Eric Snow0.0
Shawn Bradley0.0

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#1 | 2027 days ago

I can't answer this, mate! I'd really and truly be guesswork!! Sorry... but, please, if have time, re-ask the Q as 'Which are your ALL-TIME greatest sportsmen... in ANY sport?' Now that would give me, and I'm sure, everyone food for thought!!  ))Still thinking myself to be honest! lol)) 
1. Charles Barkley  2. Andrew Toney  3. COACH - Jack Ramsay  4. Shawn Bradley  
#2 | 2027 days ago

Mine is a little of the old, and a little of the older. These are, in my opinion, the four greatest players to ever wear a Sixers jersey.  
1. Wilt Chamberlain  2. Julius Erving  3. Moses Malone  4. Hal Greer  
#3 | 2027 days ago

This Should Have Been A Top 10 Poll. They Have Been Around A While And Have Had Some Memorable Players. Good Poll, Nonetheless.
1. Wilt Chamberlain  2. Julius Erving  3. Allen Iverson  4. Moses Malone  
#4 | 2004 days ago

 I just clicked whatever, because I dont care about the 76ers
1. Allen Iverson  2. Andre Iguodala  3. Andre Miller  4. Andrew Toney  
#5 | 1910 days ago
djagameking (+)

I put Allen Iverson, Wilt Chamberlin, Charles Barkley, and Julius Erving. I didn't put them in any order. These players are legends
1. Allen Iverson  2. Charles Barkley  3. Wilt Chamberlain  4. Julius Erving  
#6 | 1896 days ago

1. Wilt Chamberlain 2. Allen Iverson 3. Julius Erving 4. Billy Cunningham

Barlkley misses the cut as he is the honorary 5th member. If Andrew Toney had played longer, he'd definitely be a prime candidate. Moses Malone deserves some credit but he wasn't in Philly long enough.
1. Wilt Chamberlain  2. Allen Iverson  3. Julius Erving  4. Billy Cunningham  
#7 | 1814 days ago

Put SHawn Bradley right in the middle...his lanky frame would look good there
1. Julius Erving  2. Charles Barkley  3. Allen Iverson  4. PRESIDENT - Pat Croce  
#8 | 1769 days ago

I really would have liked to put croce and brown on the list, but you got some really big talent names on there and only 4 spots, but I think I chose right, Its just that Im a little old school so that is why I have two centers on the list.  I truly believe championships are won at that position.
1. Julius Erving  2. Moses Malone  3. Charles Barkley  4. Wilt Chamberlain  
#9 | 1769 days ago

Shawn Bradley  OMG,,,,LOL
1. Julius Erving  2. Moses Malone  3. Charles Barkley  4. Wilt Chamberlain  

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