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In their Prime, Who Would You Want On Your Team?
In his prime, SHAQ was nearly unstoppable. Dwight, however, is nearly unstoppable now and has yet to really enter his prime. So if they played in the same era, who would you rather have on your team?
| Closed on 06/18/10 at 05:00PM
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18%a. Dwight Howard
69%b. Shaq
13%c. they can both be stopped by...

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#1 | 1983 days ago

 by the Great Wall..YAO
they can both be stopped by...   
#2 | 1982 days ago

this sounds weird, but ill bet in a 1on 1 matchup, lebron james could stop both of them
they can both be stopped by...   
#3 | 1982 days ago

 I like Shaq..........but Dwight is so much quicker!
#4 | 1920 days ago
vindog (+)

In their prime????  Shaq by far....
#5 | 1651 days ago

im a big Dwight Howard fan but Shaq in his prime was unstoppable!
Dwight Howard  
#6 | 1613 days ago

C'mon people Shaq has the been the most dominate big man in the middle since Wilt. Unless your a football player 7-1/365 lbs and can move like he did, that's a freak of nature!!!
#7 | 1586 days ago

I would pick shaq but in his prime Hakeem Olajuwon was no slouch either he was one of the best.
#8 | 1578 days ago

Both of them were/are defensively dominant, but Shaq was dominant on offense as well. Dwight, on the other hand, is a liability on the offensive end of the floor.
#9 | 1554 days ago

its no question shaq would be the choice speed can't stop a brick wall but, a brick wall can stop speed
#10 | 1551 days ago

Bill Russell
they can both be stopped by...   

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