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Who should be the captain of Indian Cricket Team ? (Edited 06/07/09 06:56PM by Scott)

| Closed on 06/09/09 at 05:00PM
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0%a. Gautam Gambhir
0%b. Harbhajan Singh
1%c. Irfan Patan
0%d. Ishat Sharma
89%e. M S Dhoni
1%f. R P Singh
0%g. Rahul Dravid
2%h. Sachin Tendulkar
3%i. Suarav Ganguly
0%j. Suresh Raina
1%k. Verat Kohly
0%l. Yousaf Patan
2%m. Yuvraj Singh
1%n. Zahir Khan

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#4 | 1953 days ago

ms dhoni  very cool captain &thinking very well in under surcumstances
M S Dhoni  
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#1 | 1958 days ago

M S Dhoni  
#2 | 1956 days ago

Write the synonyms for the following words..
Captaincy = M.S.Dhoni..

M.s.Dhoni roczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 
♥ him!!

M S Dhoni  
#3 | 1953 days ago

why such a question? he is captain cool.
M S Dhoni  
#4 | 1953 days ago

ms dhoni  very cool captain &thinking very well in under surcumstances
M S Dhoni  
#5 | 1953 days ago

hawkeye7121 wrote:

he can carry any type of situation easily
M S Dhoni  
#6 | 1953 days ago

man he rooks
M S Dhoni  
#7 | 1942 days ago

no one can take tat place xcept Dhoni........coz hes grt...
M S Dhoni  
#8 | 1936 days ago

(Edited by vinolin2002)

I Don't even thing anybody except M.s.Dhoni. He has once clinched T20 W'CUP2007.I believe from my Heart  He &Mighty indian team will clinch all cups for which they play.

M S Dhoni  
#9 | 1936 days ago

what a captaincy?....... he wont shout at team mates...Allow players to play in their own style.
cool and powerful.. simple and superb.
Its Dhoni.
M S Dhoni  
#10 | 1936 days ago

The records and the recent IPL speaks about M S Dhoni.  He is the man
M S Dhoni  

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