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Who is Better? (Edited 01/23/13 10:49PM by SusanVette)

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Players:  Wilt Chamberlain | Bill Russel
Team Breakout:
37 Fans 
30%a. Bill Russel
70%b. Wilt Chamberlain

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#1 | 1972 days ago

russell is a great rebounder while wilt is a great scorer and also a rebounder
#2 | 1688 days ago

Wilt Chamberlain  
#3 | 1615 days ago

Russell had the better teams, but individually Wilt was better.
Wilt Chamberlain  
#4 | 1608 days ago

Chamberlain could score. I'm sure I don't have to remind anyone he scored 100 points in a game, 48 years ago. IMO The guy was great.
Wilt Chamberlain  
#5 | 1608 days ago

Chamberlain was the most dominate player on both ends of the court
Wilt Chamberlain  
#6 | 1115 days ago

Put Wilt on all those great supporting cast Celtic teams and how many titles you think they wouldve won- better yet how many of those Celtic teams had to play just Wilt for the title?
Wilt Chamberlain  
#7 | 1070 days ago

BILL RUSSELL, he bested Wilt at everything the two ever competed at.  People often forget that Russell didnt score as much as he could have for the Celtics because its not what Coach Red asked of Russell.  The man was a 2 time National Champion and Finals MOP at the University of San Francisco (a major BBall PowerHouse back then) and leader of an Olympic Gold Medal Team and MVP...........and constant ass whipper of Wilt Chamberlin while Wilt played for Philadelphia and Los Angeles....Hell Wilt left Philly to go to LA so he could reach the Finals!!!!
Bill Russel  

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