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Who is the best player among the Big 3 in Boston? (Edited 01/23/13 10:50PM by SusanVette)

| Closed on 01/23/13 at 05:00PM
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Players:  Paul Pierce | Ray Allen
Team Breakout:
38 Fans 
32%a. Kevin Garnett
13%b. Ray Allen
55%c. Paul Pierce

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#1 | 1688 days ago

Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce  
#2 | 1688 days ago

KG Boston cant win without KG!
Kevin Garnett  
#3 | 1615 days ago

UltimateSureno wrote:
KG Boston cant win without KG!
They couldn't win without Pierce either... we just haven't seen him get hurt to prove it yet.
Paul Pierce  
#4 | 1052 days ago

UltimateSureno wrote:
KG Boston cant win without KG!
PAUL PEIRCE hands down is the best of the 3!  They couldnt win it without K. Perkins either but that dont make him better than Paul Peirce does it?
Paul Pierce  
#5 | 1044 days ago

And if they didnt have Ray- both would see double teams all game and have the paint clogged up. Besides, you have to actually chase Allen because he can catch and shoot from anywhere, Pierce and Garnett you can leave open from 18-20 feet and not worry
Ray Allen  
#6 | 898 days ago

I selected Pierce but the three of them combine to help each other so much as a team.
Paul Pierce  
#7 | 807 days ago

The Big Ticket! He has been a focal part of that team ever since he got to Boston and should continue to be for the remaining two years of his career. Hope he gets another shot at a much-deserved title.

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Kevin Garnett  

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