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Elaine Victoria Arroyo Barangan
Hi my name is Elaine, 16 years old and turning 17 in august 5. You can call me Vikky/ Viks/ Tori. That's what my friends call me. I'm a high school graduate in the College of the Holy Spirit of Manila here in the Philippines. This year I am going to be in college. My course is Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising. During my high school days, i am a star player in the volleyball team. I am a sweet, kind of shy, and entertaining type of person/ girl. Even though my favorite color is black and the clothes I wear are rebel/ goth kind, my personality is still the same old sweet and nice type. I like making new friends, playing sports and entertaining people like singing and dancing.
| Closed on 08/16/09 at 12:30PM
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 1. What kind of sport do you play? (0 points)
0%a. volleyball
33%b. basketball
0%c. tennis
33%d. table tennis
33%e. badminton
0%f. soccer
0%g. baseball
0%h. football
 2. What kind of entertaining stuff do you do? (0 points)
33%a. singing
0%b. dancing
0%c. cheerleading
33%d. yoga
0%e. relay games
0%f. playing dodge ball
0%g. playing soft ball
33%h. hanging out with friends

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