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Will Blake Griffen make an impact on the Clippers

| Closed on 08/15/09 at 05:00PM
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Players:  Blake Griffin
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88%a. Yes
4%b. No
8%c. Maybe

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#8 | 1881 days ago

The Clippers are where good players go to die!
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#1 | 1892 days ago

Of course. He's hard working, strong and can make a big impact down low.
#2 | 1891 days ago

yes but nothing close to playoff contention.
#3 | 1891 days ago

 All the positives that Griffen gives would be taken away if the Clippers sign Allen Iverson. 
#4 | 1891 days ago

With A.I. I feel like they will be in the running for a playoff spot .With the way rockets and utah are beefing up their squads. LOL

#5 | 1889 days ago

Yes, I been watching B. Griffen in the summer league he has been playing light out.....Griffen look so NBA ready just like LeBron James in 2003-2004. I think Griffen would make the Clippers a better team.
#6 | 1888 days ago

twins_10m wrote:
yes but nothing close to playoff contention.
 But not because of Blake, because of where and who he will be playing with. I believe Blake will be a future all star.
#7 | 1881 days ago
djagameking (+)

anyone average or above will help the clippers
#8 | 1881 days ago

The Clippers are where good players go to die!
#9 | 1880 days ago

Blake Griffin is going to get hurt if Iverson comes to the Clippers because of his eagerness to become a better player. And because of that, Griffin might not get the ball as much as the Clippers wanted him to.

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