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How long will Shaq play for Clevland?
| Closed on 08/19/09 at 05:00PM
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38%a. 1 year
48%b. 2 years
10%c. 3 years
5%d. 4 years

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#1 | 1915 days ago
djagameking (+)

Why doesn't he just retire
2 years  
#2 | 1913 days ago

He's going to retire in the 2009-2010 season.
1 year  
#3 | 1908 days ago

He's going to retire maybe I'd say in about 2 years. I mean these two put together are a hard one two three punch two pancakes cooking on the stove ready to let themselves be devoured by the rest of the NBA. But like Michael Jordan said, you can't ever count anything out, not even the Sacremento Kings going 70-12. (Michael didn't say that Kings part but he might've).
2 years  
#4 | 1908 days ago

It all depends on if the Lakers win another championship or any other team besides Cleveland wins a championship.  Shaq, as I said before is trying to beat out Kobe's ring count.  First Shaq had the lead by one ring, now Kobe has tied up the ring count by winning a championship.  Now Shaq looks at the (team he thinks will have a shot at the championship) and he goes to that team thinking he will help them win a championship.  That's why he went to Phoenix and that's why he went to Cleveland.  If Cleveland doesn't win and let's just say Lakers win, but Detroit had a great chance to win the whole thing, with a great season, then Shaq would try to come to Detroit, thinking he can help us win the next season.  I don't see him retiring until he out RINGS KOBE!

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