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Who is going to be NBA Rookie of the Year?
The 2009 NBA Draft was lacking the star power of recent drafts. Most of the prospects are unproven and drafted on potential. The number 1 pick in the draft was Oklahoma's PF Blake Griffin. He has been compared to the likes of Karl Malone. That is a hefty name to live up to. A polished defensive Center ( UConn's Thabeet) was taken with the 2nd pick of the draft, but needs to work on his overall offense. A 19-year old Spanish PG (Rubio) was also taken within the first 5 picks and has garnished much attention. He has excellent court vision and a natural passer, but there are many questions surrounding Rubio. The best pure shooter ( Davidson's Curry,) in the draft was taken by the Golden State Warriors. Where Curry will play is still a large question looming, either PG of SG. The most accomplished player in the draft was UNC's Tyler Hansbrough. He was personally picked by NBA Hall-of-Famer Larry Bird. He could turn into a very good player with his work ethic and hustle or a 12th man like Mark Madson. These are all questions that are going to be answered in the upcoming NBA season. Who do you think fits best with his team in the long-haul? Who is going to be the best player in this years draft? And mostly, Who is going to be NBA Rookie of the Year?
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Teams:  Stephen Curry
Players:  Blake Griffin | Ricky Rubio | Hasheem Thabeet | James Harden | Tyreke Evens | Jordan Hill
Team Breakout:
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33%a. Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers)
3%b. Hasheem Thabeet (Memphis Grizzlies)
0%c. James Harden (Oklahoma City Thunder)
25%d. Tyreke Evens (Sacramento Kings)
3%e. Ricky Rubio (Minnesota Timberwolves)
11%f. Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)
0%g. Jordan Hill (New York Knicks)
6%h. Tyler Hansbrough (Indiana Pacers)
19%i. Other Rookie

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#2 | 1913 days ago

I would have put him on there 13 years ago. Sorry.
Tyreke Evens (Sacramento Kings)  
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#1 | 1913 days ago

i rather choose kobe bryant... i guess,
#2 | 1913 days ago

I would have put him on there 13 years ago. Sorry.
Tyreke Evens (Sacramento Kings)  
#3 | 1913 days ago

Brandon Jennings with the eraser top fade. Don't forget about him.
Other Rookie  
#4 | 1913 days ago

My pick is Demar DeRozan he has some freaskish skills
Other Rookie  
#5 | 1913 days ago
djagameking (+)

Blake Griffin is already showing what he can do. It all matters on his team though.
Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers)  
#6 | 1911 days ago

I go with Jonny Flynn because of his playing in the Summer League. He was pretty much the best rookie out there tied with Blake Griffin.
Other Rookie  
#7 | 1911 days ago

This is an intresting question. I went with Blake, but injuries will play a huge part.
Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers)  
#8 | 1910 days ago

im gonna say evans,i think his talents will translate quicker than the rest..with harden possibly second because he has the most help.griffin wont get it cause he'll be on tha i.r......and hes a clipper come on lets get real here.hahaha
Tyreke Evens (Sacramento Kings)  
#9 | 1910 days ago
GoSU (+)

 I think Jonny Flynn, cause he was great in the summer league. Also, when he was at Syracuse he was amazing.He basically can go to basket hard whenever he wants to. He's a great PG and i think he will lead the T'Wolves really well, and get Rookie of the Year.
Other Rookie  
#10 | 1909 days ago

Curry is on a team where he can put up great stats and if they can get everyone healthy and come together then the teams overall record could improve enough that he will sway a lot of voters.
Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)  
#11 | 1905 days ago

Chase Budinger
#12 | 1902 days ago


Tyler Hansbrough (Indiana Pacers)  
#13 | 1632 days ago

Year↓ Team↓ GP↓ GS↓ MPG↓ FG%↓ 3P%↓ FT%↓ RPG↓ APG↓ SPG↓ BPG↓ PPG↓
2005–06 North Carolina Tar Heels 31 30 30.4 .570 .500 .739 7.8 1.3 1.2 0.7 18.9
2006–07 North Carolina Tar Heels 38 38 29.9 .525 .250 .768 7.9 1.2 1.1 0.4 18.4
2007–08 North Carolina Tar Heels 39 39 33.0 .540 .000 .806 10.2 0.9 1.5 0.4 22.6
2008–09 North Carolina Tar Heels 34 34 30.2. .514 .391 .849 8.1 0.8 1.2 0.4 20.7
Career   142 141 30.9 .535 .315 .791 8.6 1.3 1.2 0.5 20.3


Tyler Hansbrough will be rookie of the year!

Tyler Hansbrough (Indiana Pacers)  
#14 | 1625 days ago

qtowndogg    he's gonna win it
Other Rookie  

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