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2007 Philadelphia Phillies Season Prediction Poll (Edited 03/01/07 12:49PM by Ryan)

2007 Philadelphia Phillies Season Prediction Poll <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 03/01/07 12:49PM by Ryan)</span> Photo


It's that time again.  The Phillies finished 2006 with a record of 85-77, 12 games back of the Mets.


How will things shake out for the Phils this year? 


Can Howard and Utley keep up the pace they set last year? 


Will Eaton and Garcia help stabilize the rotation?


Can they make the post-season for the first time since 1993?

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 1. How will the Phillies finish this season? (10 points)
29%a. They will win the NL East
27%b. They will finish 2nd in the NL East and win the Wildcard playoff berth
25%c. They will finish 2nd in the NL East
19%d. They will finish 3rd in the NL East
0%e. They will finish 4th in the NL East
0%f. They will finish 5th in the NL East
 2. How many wins for the Phillies in 2007? (10 points)
0%a. 0-60 wins
2%b. 61-67 wins
0%c. 68-75 wins
4%d. 76-80 wins
25%e. 81-85 wins
31%f. 86-90 wins
38%g. 91-95 wins
0%h. 96 or more wins
 3. Brett Myers led the Phillies with 198 innings pitched last season. The Phils brought in Freddy Garcia and Adam Eaton to help share the burden. How many Phillies pitchers will throw over 170 innings this year? (Myers was the only one in 2006) (6 points)
2%a. None
6%b. One
67%c. Two
25%d. Three
0%e. Four or more
 4. The Phillies only had 43 saves last season, with Tom Gordon earning 34 of those. How many games will Phillies pitchers save this season? (7 points)
0%a. 0-25 games
2%b. 26-30 games
2%c. 31-35 games
21%d. 36-40 games
48%e. 41-45 games
23%f. 46-50 games
4%g. 51 or more games
 5. Brett Myers led the Phillies staff with 12 victories last year. Which pitcher will have the most wins this year? (8 points)
40%a. Brett Myers
25%b. Cole Hamels
4%c. Adam Eaton
29%d. Freddy Garcia
2%e. Jon Lieber
0%f. Any other pitcher on the Phillies' staff
 6. Ryan Howard had a monster season in 2006 (58 HR, 149 RBI, .313 avg) winning the NL MVP. How will Howard do in the Triple Crown categories this year compared to last year? (If there are ties in any category, both options will be given credit) (9 points)
2%a. Increase in RBI, homeruns and batting average.
8%b. Increase in RBI and homeruns, but not batting average
15%c. Increase in RBI and batting average, but not homeruns
4%d. Increase in batting average and homeruns, but not RBI
8%e. Increase in only RBI, but not homeruns or batting average
2%f. Increase in homeruns, but not RBI or batting average
19%g. Increase in batting average, but not RBI or homeruns
42%h. He will not increase in any of these categories.
 7. The Phillies had three players with over 100 strikeouts last year. Howard (181), Utley (132), and Burrell (131) Which of these players will have the fewest strikeouts in 2007? (6 points)
0%a. Ryan Howard
83%b. Chase Utley
17%c. Pat Burrell
 8. Break-out! Which these players will have the largest increase in their hit total in 2007? (2006 numbers next to name - be sure to check out complete stats to make best choice!) (7 points)
8%a. Chase Utley (203)
6%b. Jimmy Rollins (191)
0%c. Ryan Howard (182)
21%d. Pat Burrell (119)
23%e. Shane Victorino (119)
42%f. Aaron Rowland (106)
 9. Which of these players will play in the most games for the Phillies in 2007? (2006 totals) (6 points)
 10. Many experts see the NL East race coming down to the Phillies and the Mets, with many giving the Mets the edge. How will the Phillies fare in their 18 games against the Mets in 2007? (9 points)
 Tiebreaker: How many wins will the Phillies have at the All-Star Break?

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