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Who ya got? Roy Jones Jr. vs Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy?
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Tonight Roy Jones Jr. continues to attempt to keep his career meaningful against top light heavyweight contender Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy. This is the last call for these fighters, as you can expect the loser of this fight to never contend for a major championship again. The winner? Perhaps they earn a shot for the light heavyweight title.

RJJ is the heavy favorite in the fight, but Lacy is the younger fighter and has less miles on him. RJJ's career record is 53-5 with 39 KOs while Lacy is 25-2 with 17 KOs, so clearly RJJ has the experience edge.

So who ya got?
Scored by BluDevil on 08/16/09 at 03:04AM | Closed on 08/15/09 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
Correct Answer1 Fans 
0%a. Roy Jones Jr by Decision
Correct0%b. Roy Jones Jr by KO
0%c. Jeff Lacy gets DQed
0%d. Jeff Lacy by Decision
0%e. Jeff Lacy by KO
0%f. Roy Jones Jr gets DQed
0%g. Draw

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