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If you was a coach who would you rather have on your team? (Edited 08/28/09 01:03AM by brucek863)
Both players both have new teams that signed them this year and have heard a lot of critisism, but they also both  have the skills to maybe help a team. Which player would you rather have.
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Players:  Michael Vick
Team Breakout:
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33%a. Terrell Owens
67%b. Michael Vick

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#8 | 1833 days ago

This is like choosing death by hanging or the electric chair!
Terrell Owens  
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#1 | 1847 days ago

Vick isn't really a drama queen.  He will just bring controversy.  Not only that, he has something to prove now and I think he's going to work hard to try to be an elite player in this league again.
Michael Vick  
#2 | 1847 days ago

I would put a lot of pressure on both players and make them work hard for their starting spots, but it's about tie. I would probably go with Owens over Vick, because there's more pressure on a starting Quarterback.

Unless I was the coach of the Lions, Rams or Browns, then I would take whatever I could get my hands on.
#3 | 1847 days ago

Well I really don't know  can I wait and see who does better then pick who I would want lol not  too much a fan of neither but maybe they will do so good .
#4 | 1845 days ago

#5 | 1844 days ago

I choose the future HOFer.
Terrell Owens  
#6 | 1844 days ago
DckyJay (+)

johnshirey54 wrote:
I choose the future HOFer.
i gave u a funny rating b/c T.O. so far away from that title. its insane u would even think that u could call him that. what has he won? did he ever help his team more than hurt them? the correct answer here is no.
Michael Vick  
#7 | 1844 days ago
vindog (+)

I'll take the 1st Ballot HOFer  and 2nd leading receiver in NFL History by far!
Terrell Owens  
#8 | 1833 days ago

This is like choosing death by hanging or the electric chair!
Terrell Owens  
#9 | 1828 days ago

T.O has won himself the title as the second best WR of all- time statistically,I'm not saying he is the second best ever, but a HOFer for sure. Sorry this is so old.
Terrell Owens  
#10 | 1808 days ago

Vick over drama queen
Michael Vick  
#11 | 1787 days ago
USMC_0369_8541 (+)

T.O. is loud, arrogant, and whatever else you want to call him, but he is and always will be a performer on the field.  He can make those big plays when you need them come crunch time.  With Plaxico gone we could use someone just like that at this point.
Terrell Owens  
#12 | 1785 days ago

The lesser of two evils.... at least TO has proven to be a player when he wants to .,.. Vick is just overated
Terrell Owens  
#13 | 1782 days ago

I would want Vick, McNabb just ain't cutting it with me no more, I used to lie him, was playing good, but too many low blows,
Michael Vick  
#14 | 1779 days ago

Not T.O. he has killed teams and quarterbacks no way not on my team
Michael Vick  
#15 | 1778 days ago

Hands down, the quarterback.  Both are explosive in their own rights and actually superstars of the game today.  Both have something to prove.  My nod goes to Vick because of youth and position.  Vick gives a coach more options that a legitimate threats.  The big factor is attitude.  Other than the dog fights, there is no controversy surrounding Vick.  He has consistently tried against all odds to win.  He more than likely will supplant McNabb.  The Bears should have went for him.  They'd have a much better chance to compete against Minn.
Michael Vick  
#16 | 1778 days ago

You said coach not baby sitter. T.O . whines to much.Vick made a mistake and paid his dues.
Michael Vick  
#17 | 1765 days ago

I will take Vick over Owen at anytime.  Vick is going to do what he need to do when Owens is going to cry like a litte Bit$$!!!  VICK ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Vick  
#18 | 1764 days ago

T.O. destroys teams. Vick destroyed no one but himself and now he is trying to make amends. T. O . is selfish and self-centered.
#19 | 1761 days ago

TO does have issues, always has.  He is like me, was a problem child.  Think about it, I call myself the Black Bobby Knight.  Thus, I grew up to be a problemed man.  Seriously though, people who go against the grain are the ones that can have the most or a significant amount of the impact on winning.  TO has had his share of impacting wins for every team he has been on.  I think we and the media make to much of things.  Switch perspectives for a moment.  Everytime the ball is thrown, TO wants it thrown to him.  When TO is happy, there isn't a bigger threat on the field than he.  So, why, if I am the quarterback, would I not make sure most of my balls go to TO?  Other receivers would have better more effective receptions.  They should with less coverage.  Each time TO had issues, it was because his quarterbacks threw the ball to the lesser recievers the most.  That always caused TO to lose his concentration.  In those times, he is not good at all.  He drops balls and even run bad pass patterns.  This is because, he stops looking for and expecting the ball.  More significantly, his anger management deficiency emerges.  Then the quarterback always becomes his enemy.  In Philly's case and Dallas case, I don't really remember much about his 49'er experiences, but in those other cases, don't you think McNabb and Romo had a lot to do with ticking TO off?  Not to justify TO's attitude adjustment problems, but he is what he is and the organizations knew this to be so.   The more balls thrown his way, the better he is and that is when both teams were winning.  So, why stop throwing him the ball.  Let him shine and shine with him.  It takes two to tangle.  TO isn't the only one with anger management problems.  And, how good has McNabb and Romo really been in TO's absence?  I haven't done it; but, I think it safe to say that both of their QB ratings are lower than they were with TO to throw to.  I think it safe to say that most if not all of the other receivers stats suffered as well.  TO opened the field up for the others.  You better put two or three players in the general area of TO on every down or you will get burned.  Everytime the ball goes his way, we all know it is very possible to be six.  Give the man a break.  He hates to lose.  He handles losses bad.  Who doesn't really? 
Michael Vick  
#20 | 1756 days ago

Not only is TO a cancer on every team he's on but any more he drops alot of passes too. With that combination I would take Vick. Vick isn't anything special either but at least he is not a cancer to the team.
Michael Vick  
#21 | 1729 days ago

Vick has never divided a locker room.  Ive had T.O'l fool on my team before dont want it again, he's not so great playing in that lake effect snow up there in buffalo is he?  Now he is a far less than average receiver.  LOL, what goes around comes around.  My momma always told me "GOD DONT LIKE UGLY"
Michael Vick  
#22 | 1729 days ago

You all call him a HOF'er yea right even when the greatest Jerry Rice went to Bum teams his numbers dropped slightly,,,,Not fall off of the map!!!
Michael Vick  
#23 | 1726 days ago

johnshirey54 wrote:
T.O has won himself the title as the second best WR of all- time statistically,I'm not saying he is the second best ever, but a HOFer for sure. Sorry this is so old.
By what measure are you ranking him?  And does that make him better than Jerry Rice or Randy Moss?
Michael Vick  

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