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What's in store for Jackson? (Edited 04/28/07 03:36PM by Jess)
News: (Seattle Times) Seahawks Considering D-Jack as Bait?

It's rumored that Seattle has been considering trading Jackson for depth at another position. It has also been stated that David Carr will be speaking with Seattle next week.
Scored by Jess on 09/06/07 at 01:48PM | Closed on 04/28/07 at 12:45PM
FanIQ Pts? 4 | NFL, Seattle Seahawks | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer13 Fans 
  1. Will Jackson be traded? (2 points)
Correct46%a. Yes
54%b. No, it's just a rumor
  2. What position will the Seahawks trade D-Jack for? (5 points)
8%a. OLB
0%b. DE
15%c. Guard
8%d. Tackle
0%e. Center
31%f. Secondary
Correct38%g. Other (please comment)
  3. If Jackson is traded, when will he go? (3 points)
Correct31%a. Around the draft
38%b. Between the draft and camp
15%c. Between camp and season opener
0%d. Between season opener and trade deadline
15%e. Other (please comment)
  4. Will David Carr sign with the Seahawks? (2 points)
23%a. Yes
Correct77%b. No
  Tiebreaker: How much will Jackson's contract be? (Round to nearest whole number; if he stays with Seattle, $3.25 mil = 3)
Correct 4

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#1 | 2700 days ago

I'm thinking they may possibly trade D-Jack for some veteran talent on the O-line. Everyone is aware that the Seahawks have a ridiculous amount of high profile wide-outs, I'm sure they are as well. I don't think they'll keep Jackson around. (Don't quote me though lol)
1. Yes  2. Other (please comment)  3. Between the draft and camp  4. No  
#2 | 2699 days ago

I kinda hope your wrong. but then again we could use some help up front. crap what a tough one


1. No, it's just a rumor  2. Guard  3. Between the draft and camp  4. No  
#3 | 2672 days ago

It's looking like if he does go, it will be for a 4th round draft pick. Odd, imo.
1. Yes  2. Other (please comment)  3. Between the draft and camp  4. No  
#4 | 2670 days ago

I'm waiting to find out what kind of contract Jackson and the 49ers sign to score this poll. I've been searching, but as of yet to no avail. If anyone has any info, I'd welcome the insight!
1. Yes  2. Other (please comment)  3. Between the draft and camp  4. No  
#5 | 1213 days ago

Wii no.... boo yeah...

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