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Hskrdave Talent Agency is Recruiting!!!!
This poll was cancelled
Featured by: Helen at 9/17/09 8:28PM
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30%a. This One
11%b. That One
41%c. The Other One
17%d. My Talent is being Talentless...

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#1 | 1842 days ago
Cherrie (+)

I can help set up the chairs
#2 | 1842 days ago

I've been known to tickle the ivories...I can juggle a soccer ball...ummm...ya...that's all I got... talents really don't translate well in a CoC world...
#3 | 1842 days ago

Guitar Hero doesnt count!!
#4 | 1842 days ago

My talents.  must resist violating the CoC.

ok. I have nothing, I havent played a musical instrument since 8th grade, and unless I can join NASCAR, my driving talents wont work in a show.

#5 | 1842 days ago

 I sulk.
#6 | 1842 days ago

I can play spoons , empty beer cans and foil pie plates
#7 | 1842 days ago

I can sing and dance, but not very well, still enjoy doing them........ and I can say the alphabet backwards faster than Leslie!

Who knew......

I wish I'd had cubsgirl to help with my makeup last year.... I did a pretty good job myself, but wished I'd had a pro to help.  :)
#8 | 1842 days ago

(Edited by fI3RyBaLlS)
Belly dancing. People are quite appreciative of what i can do to my dear belly.
#9 | 1842 days ago
tish0266 (+)

Ummm.... I can... oh wait, no.... although I can... no, no, not that... I can make... nah, not that either.... shoot... ooh, I can clap and laugh in the appropriate places.... that will help, right?
#10 | 1842 days ago

I like to dance and I can imitate voices, my brothers are always asking me , speak like this, like that, I'm their clown, I make a good Barney, some voices from the Simpsons and many more, I would like to work dubbing voices I think I could do that
#11 | 1842 days ago

Since noone else has volunteered... I reckon I could play drums for the Q band.. Just promise me we wont play In-a-gadda-da-vida or Wipeout... Im a little rusty. I got to be a damn fine juggler my Freshman year of HS basebal while riding pine. Oh,  and I can do a mean Tequila dance if the moment is right (and the shot count is as well).
Warning to all that attend the Q fest ..... DONT challenge me at Quarters or Horseshoes. Jus a warning.  hehe
#12 | 1842 days ago

I've been known to play a little fiddle and a little harmonica.
#13 | 1842 days ago

Me 2!!! 2 bad we all don't live closer.. I'm always up 4 a challenge or at least a good partner. Lol
#14 | 1842 days ago

I can teach someone to be an armchair quarterback.
#15 | 1842 days ago

I can and love to cook.  Cooking for the teams I coach is one of my favorite things to do.  so large numbers makes it more fun!  I have a large smoker so we can do a brisket and a bunch of ribs!  Or put the pot on and we can have a mean gumbo in 4-6 hours (gotta let it simmer).

Just say where and when and I will fire up the stove!
#16 | 11/30/-1

(Edited by RunningDawg)

And if Mooser needs help with the cocktail sipping and wise cracks I am your man!

#17 | 1842 days ago
bmcannon1 (+)

I can do a real good lighter fart.
#18 | 1842 days ago

I can dance (performance stuff, not just club type stuff...but that's fun too), and I'm told I make a mean vodka lemonade.
#19 | 1842 days ago

I played the lead (Sally Bowles) in Cabaret many years ago, and surprisingly, I still remember the dances and the words to all the songs, so I could do a song................I won't guarantee it will be GOOD, but I could do it
#20 | 1842 days ago
Hiawatha (+)

 Me too! Except I don't play harmonica...and I have the tolerance of a twelve year old. But other than that, I'm an extremely talented smart ass.

(I'm pretty good at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I don't think that qualifies me as talented. It just makes me a dork.)
#21 | 1841 days ago

I will do two tasks -

1. complete massage for the tired musicians and singers (for tips of course), and

2. repair your broken instruments and torn clothes, if you get whacky and bounce (only material cost payable).

I find that a real good bargain.
#22 | 1841 days ago

I want in on this game, can I compete, too?  
#23 | 1841 days ago

Jess wrote:
I can dance (performance stuff, not just club type stuff...but that's fun too), and I'm told I make a mean vodka lemonade.
how much you compleated your bio
#24 | 1828 days ago
PoppyMack (+)

Give me a bottle of Jack and I could probably do anything!
#25 | 1828 days ago
PoppyMack (+)

Actually I write poetry, so I would recite it and I can sing a little
#26 | 1823 days ago

I'm money with creating ridiculus Sign Language that means something only to one person .... oh and I can grunt in such a way that anyone would understand what it is I want or what my response to their question is.

BUT ... most importantly ... I can teach any dope how to tell even the most scholared of men to F off in such a way that they take it as a compliment!! 

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