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PHILADELPHIA EAGLES @ Dallas Cowboys Week 17 NFC East Matchup (Edited 09/29/09 02:45PM by qtowndogg)

WEEK 17 NFC EAST MATCHUP: EAGLES @ Cowboys (Sunday, January 3 @ 1:00pm EST at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX).

It's the final game of the regular season, and what better way to close it out than a battle between two bitter divisional rivals from the NFC East!  The Eagles look to win in their first ever visit to the new Cowboys Stadium, while the Cowboys aim to close out their first season in their new digs with a win of their own.  How will this NFC East divisional matchup shape up?  Here are some questions.


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Team Breakout:
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  1. Who will win this game? (10 points)
18%a. Phi by 1-6
21%b. Phi by 7-14
6%c. Phi by 15+
0%d. TIE
27%e. Dal by 1-6
21%f. Dal by 7-14
Correct6%g. Dal by 15+
  2. How many passing yards for Donovan McNabb? (9 points)
6%a. 0-150
3%b. 151-200
Correct18%c. 201-249
48%d. 250-299
24%e. 300-349
0%f. 350+
  3. How many passing yards for Tony Romo? (9 points)
0%a. 0-150
3%b. 151-200
21%c. 201-249
67%d. 250-299
Correct9%e. 300-349
0%f. 350+
  4. Which running back will have the most rushing yards? (8 points)
6%a. Brian Westbrook by 1-9
9%b. Brian Westbrook by 10-19
12%c. Brian Westbrook by 20+
6%d. Marion Barber by 1-9
30%e. Marion Barber by 10-19
Correct36%f. Marion Barber by 20+
  5. How many receiving yards for Desean Jackson? (6 points)
0%a. 0-39
Correct6%b. 40-69
45%c. 70-99
39%d. 100-124
9%e. 125-149
0%f. 150+
  6. Which is most likely to happen in the game? (5 points)
6%a. Eagles win by 14+
Correct6%b. Cowboys win by 14+
9%c. Brian Westbrook has 2+ total TD's
24%d. Jason Witten has 8+ receptions
6%e. An FG is made of 50+ yards out
36%f. Donovan McNabb throws for over 300 yards
3%g. A punt/kick return for a TD occurs in the game
9%h. none of this happens
  7. Which is most likely to happen in the game? (5 points)
12%a. Any receiver has a 150+ yard receiving day
3%b. The total amount of points in the game are 31 or under
0%c. The total amount of points in the game is 61 or over
24%d. The Philly defense records 4 sacks or more
6%e. Dallas kicks 3 or more FGs
12%f. There are 5 turnovers or more in the game
9%g. The 1st quarter ends 0-0
Correct33%h. none of this happens
  8. Which non-QB gets the most total yards? (2 points)
6%a. Brian Westbrook
Correct12%b. Marion Barber
36%c. DeSean Jackson
6%d. Felix Jones
6%e. Brent Celek
6%f. Roy Williams
0%g. other player on Philly
27%h. other player on Dallas
 Tiebreaker: How many total points will Philly score!?