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This Week in Arena Football - Week 8

by Jon Jon 4/20/073 Comment Comments »

This Week in Arena Football - Week 8 PhotoIt's hard to believe it, but the season will be half over for some teams after this week. Some teams already have almost enough wins to ensure playoff bids, while others are sitting in the desert struggling to score 30 points a game. I wonder which team I am talking about?


In last week's action, Utah put up the highest total of the week, scoring 76 points against Los Angeles. How many will they score this week against Arizona? 80? 90? New Orleans won another home game in front of a packed house. The 2nd meeting of the War on I-4 was as onesided as the first, with Orlando winning again easily. We all know who the top teams are in the league, but keep an eye on Columbus. They have had a tough early schedule, but have come through it in good shape. Last week they won convincingly against Austin. Of course, in the game of the week, Dallas remained undefeated with a 51-41 win against Philadelphia. To my knowledge, Jon Bon Jovi did not make any obscene gestures to any fans, officials, or mascots.


Here is this week's Super 7, which as usual was picked by you, the fans. Each team listed has their record next to their name, as well as their gain or loss in the rankings from the previous week.



Arena Football League Super 7 - After Week 7


7. Colorado Crush (4-3)  Up 2 spots

This week we only have changes at the bottom of the poll. Personally, I didn't put Colorado this high, as they only beat a woeful NY team by one point last week. There is a logjam right behind this spot, with New Orleans also at 4-3, and then 4 3-3 teams.


6. Kansas City Brigade (4-2)  Up 2 spots

Kansas City is a solid 4-2 so far. With this week's opponent, Nashville, playing so poorly this season, KC is well on their way to a possibe playoff spot.


5. Philadelphia Soul (4-2)  Down 1 spot

Karma for being the main focus of the WWL? I don't know, but 2 games ago, Philly was undefeated. Now they face a tough Columbus team that has played well in big games against Georgia and Dallas and is the only team to defeat either one of them. They might be the most underrated team in the league. With Philadelphia's starting QB out for a couple of weeks, this losing streak could continue.


4. Utah Blaze (5-2)  Up 1 spot

Utah plays Arizona this week. I would not have been surprised to see a 20 point spread in this one.



Speaking of 20 point spreads, not only was I right about last week's Georgia/Las Vegas matchup being much closer than the oddsmaker's thought it would be, Vegas nearly pulled off the upset. It appears that Georgia was indeed looking ahead to this week's matchup with Dallas. Or at least their defense was. It's nice to be right once in a while. We'll ignore all the other times this season where I made horrible predictions.


Back to the Super 7...


3. Chicago Rush (5-1) No change

A bye week for Chicago kept them in the 3rd spot. Word has it that there will be a very strong Chicago fan turnout in Grand Rapids this week. Grand Rapids seems to believe that the reason why they have a sellout is because their fans are turning out, but you don't go from 6,000 fans to 11,000 fans without some help from the opposing side. There have always been some fans that travel from game to game supporting their team, but it's great to see more.


2. Georgia Force (6-1) No changeThis Week in Arena Football - Week 8 Photo

Time for another #1 vs #2 matchup this week! Georgia managed to make it through their last game half asleep. The defense was asleep, the offense wasn't. If they are going to beat Dallas, both are going to have to be wide awake.


1. Dallas Desperados (7-0) #1 team for 8th consecutive week

The last time Dallas played Georgia, Dallas won 62-27. This week's game will be much closer than that. Dallas received 45 out of 46 first place votes this week. Note to the person who put 1-6 Tampa Bay in the top spot: you don't count.


That's it for This Week in the AFL! Check back next Thursday for a recap of this week's action and a preview of the Week 9 games.

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Arena Football Week 8 Super Poll
Read the Article: This Week in Arena Football - Week 8

Each week I will ask you to make predictions based on the results and statistics from the week before.


Last week's winners:

rootman54 8.74

Cowboys319 7.48

memtigers 7.23



Featured by: CriticalFanatic at 4/18/07 12:07PM
Scored by Jon on 04/23/07 at 03:01PM | Closed on 04/20/07 at 07:30PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | Arena Football | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer53 Fans 
  1. In Week 7, 2 teams scored 70 or more points. How many do so in Week 8? (10 points)
0%a. 0
32%b. 1
47%c. 2
21%d. 3
Correct0%e. 4 or more
  2. Road teams won 2 out of the 9 games in Week 7. How many road teams win in Week 8? (10 points)
0%a. 0 road teams win
Correct28%b. 1-2 road teams win
66%c. 3-4 road teams win
6%d. 5-6 road teams win
0%e. 7 or more road teams win
  3. How many total TDs are scored in this week's game of the week (Dallas @ Georgia)? (10 points)
0%a. 0-8
11%b. 9-11
43%c. 12-14
26%d. 15-17
Correct17%e. 18-20
2%f. 21+
  4. What is the fewest points scored by any team in Week 8? (10 points)
6%a. 0-20 points
Correct25%b. 21-30 points
32%c. 31-35 points
21%d. 36-40 points
9%e. 41-45 points
6%f. 46-50 points
2%g. 51-55 points
0%h. All teams score at least 56 points
  5. What is the highest number of points scored by a losing team in Week 8? (10 points)
2%a. Under 50 points
11%b. 51-55 points
19%c. 56-60 points
32%d. 61-65 points
Correct11%e. 66-70 points
23%f. 71-75 points
2%g. 76+ points
  6. Which of these top scorers from last week scores the most points in Week 8? Previous week's points after team name (10 points)
34%a. Utah (76)
21%b. Columbus (72)
Correct25%c. Georgia (69)
15%d. Las Vegas (68)
6%e. New Orleans (67)
  7. How many total turnovers will there be in the NY/Orlando game? (10 points)
0%a. 0
2%b. 1
Correct9%c. 2
34%d. 3
32%e. 4
13%f. 5
9%g. 6 or more
  8. How many games are decided by 4 points or less in Week 8? (10 points)
Correct2%a. 0
15%b. 1
53%c. 2
25%d. 3
4%e. 4
2%f. 5
0%g. 6
0%h. 7 or more (!)
  Tiebreaker: What is the highest point total scored by a single team in Week 8?
Correct 83

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#1 | 2705 days ago

Have you run out of Dallas cheerleaders yet? or are you planning on stealing some pics from the Cowboys site if that happens? lol
#2 | 2705 days ago

Eric wrote:
Have you run out of Dallas cheerleaders yet? or are you planning on stealing some pics from the Cowboys site if that happens? lol
I'm getting close. This week's might actually be a repeat - I was too lazy to go back through all the posts and check.
1. 2  2. 3-4 road teams win  3. 15-17  4. 31-35 points  5. 61-65 points  6. Utah (76)  7. 3  8. 3  
#3 | 2705 days ago

Jon wrote:
I'm getting close. This week's might actually be a repeat - I was too lazy to go back through all the posts and check.
She looks familiar... but that doesn't mean I saw here here.

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