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Which winless team has a better chance of making the playoffs? (Edited 10/09/09 11:54AM by )
They've both been terrible so far.
| Closed on 10/11/09 at 01:00PM
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57%a. Carolina Panthers (0-3)
43%b. Tennessee Titans (0-4)

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#1 | 1776 days ago
Wordsmith (+)

Neither - but if I have to pick one, then I give the Titans a 1 chance in 1 million and the Panthers 1 chance in 1 billion.
#2 | 1776 days ago

They're both better teams than how they're playing, but there's way too many better teams in the NFC for the Panthers to get in.  Not that the AFC is a slouch, but I could see Tennessee being able to beat their competition.  Well, more-so than the Panthers.
Tennessee Titans (0-4)  
#3 | 1776 days ago

I hate them both

Carolina Panthers (0-3)  
#4 | 1776 days ago

The Titans are in a tougher division than the Panthers.  At least the Panthers have the Bucs but the Titans have to beat the Texans, which they haven't, the Jags, which they haven't, and the Colts which they won't..
Carolina Panthers (0-3)  
#5 | 1776 days ago
jacobmrley (+)

(Edited by jacobmrley)
neither is a stone cold lock here, if fact, i would be surprised if either get to 8-8.
Tennessee Titans (0-4)  
#6 | 1776 days ago

Titans don't have any D this season. LOL
#7 | 1775 days ago

 i picked the panthers cuz theyre only 0-3 lol, i dont think either is gonna make the playoffs unless delhomme really turns it around as well as williams, stewart and the panthers D lol. 
Carolina Panthers (0-3)  
#8 | 1775 days ago

I don't think either are going to make the playoffs. But out of the winless teams still out there, it probably would be one of these two.
Tennessee Titans (0-4)  
#9 | 1774 days ago

Where was the "other" or "snowball's chances in hell?" I'd lay 50 on that.

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