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When will Hasselbeck be back to work? (Edited 04/25/07 06:05PM by Jess)
News: (Seattle Times) Will Hasselbeck be ready for exhibition hits?

There is question as to whether or not Hasselbeck will be ready to take abuse from opposing defense by the time exhibition games start in August. He is progressing nicely after having surgery on his shoulder. He will be participating in drills in one-on-one and seven-on-seven drills in mini-camp, and plans to fully participate at training camp.
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Correct Answer28 Fans 
Correct36%a. Before exhibition games begin
61%b. After exhibition but before regular season begins
4%c. A game or two into regular season

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#1 | 2706 days ago

As long as neither he or the staff try to rush him back too quickly.  I honestly think they'll give him a little bit of time at the 3rd or 4th preseason game if he's ready mentally and physically.  We had kinda the same thing with my other team last year with Carson Palmer.  He was phsyically ready to come back the first game, but when he saw the backup QB get hit in the first game, he wasn't mentally prepared for it.  I'd like to see him get a little bit of time in the preseason, but definitely nothing until he's ready in both aspects. (and it's a long explanation why I have 2 teams in most sports).
After exhibition but before regular season begins  

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