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Help name the Mariners Fan League?
The league needs a name other than "Mariners Fans". I thought it might be a good idea to submit ideas in the group forum, and then do a poll when we have enough to choose from. The league members (and whoever else might give a hoot) can vote on their favorite name. Good idea, or no?
| Closed on 05/15/07 at 05:00PM
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 1. What do you think of this idea? (0 points)
89%a. This is a cool way of coming up with a league name
0%b. Dumb idea, come up with a clever name on your own
11%c. The league doesn't need a special name, Mariners Fans is fine
0%d. Other (please comment)
 2. How long should the idea forum be open to submissions before continuing with voting poll? (0 points)
78%a. Two weeks
11%b. Three weeks
11%c. One month
0%d. Other (please comment)

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#1 | 2675 days ago

I love the idea of having people throw out suggestions. A lot of leagues have personalized and less generic names, and it's a good thing, in my opinion. I hope you end up coming up with something cool, and I'll let you know if I think of anything.
1. This is a cool way of coming up with a league name  2. Two weeks  

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